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In Mahajanga, on the northwest coast of Madagascar one of the poorest nations on the earth, we are currently setting up the second Iris base in Madagascar, we are excited about all the new families and children that will get to experience God’s unfailing love in this new region.

This base began with a dream that Rachel received in January 2015, where Rachel was stood on a beach in the northwest coast of Madagascar leaning against really tall evergreen tree’s, suddenly a girl who was completely terrified ran into Rachel’s arms for safety and never let go.

Since receiving the dream, Rachel and her team did many scouting trips throughout the north west coastal regions of Madagascar and we were really excited when the Holy Spirit revealed and confirmed that the new base would be in a place called Mahajanga. It was actually the only place along the entire northwest coast that had the same trees that Rachel saw in her dream.

We have a beautiful blue house that our landlord named ‘the house that makes happy’ which we believe is going to be such a special home for Malagasy babies and children that are unwanted or have been abused.

It has always been Rachel’s heart that no matter how broken a child’s heart maybe upon arrival, that God would touch and work on each heart during their time with us. So that every child can enjoy their lives and fulfill their destinies with a happy heart that no longer hurts.