“But Jesus said, ‘Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” — Matthew 19:14 (NASB)

Mahajanga, Boeny - Madagascar

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About Mahajanga

In June 2016 we launched Iris Mahajanga as the second Iris Global location in Madagascar.

We are situated on the northwest coast of Madagascar and have a home for children who are orphaned or abandoned. It is our mission to raise them in the love of the Father.

We also aim to be a light to our community. Some of our neighbors live in bamboo huts on stilts and others are professionals who live in comfortable housing.  We love being in the middle of this diverse community and use every opportunity to demonstrate His love in partial ways to our friends and neighbors. 


Children’s Home:
We currently have nine children living with us. We have a beautiful home for orphaned or abandoned children and provide for all their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. We are pleased to participate in Stop for the One’s sponsorship program and you can get more information here.

Village Feeding:
Once a week we feed up to 150 children. We have an amazing time of worship where we dance and sing with all of our hearts. Then we do a Bible drama, eat food, and play games. During the year we also do health education, distribute hygiene supplies, and work with parents to institute these practices at home. 

Kids’ Community:
This program is focused on the especially poor families in our community. Many are malnourished and unemployed when they first join the program. We do our best to provide a wide range of assistance, but are very intentional to build it around discipleship.  Through micro-finance projects, home building & repair, food distribution, education, and medical care we demonstrate Jesus and His love. 

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‘love looks like a new prosthetic limb’

This month we had the great privilege of showering 11 year old Brenda and her family in the beautiful love of Jesus. Brenda has missing limbs on one arm and one leg and was really carrying lots of shame because she is different. Brenda already had a prosthetic limb, but it was old and much too sm...

praying for revival in Madagascar

Every Friday morning, all of our staff and children (when the children are not in school) gather together and worship Jesus with all of our hearts, praying and interceding for the destiny of the beautiful nation of Madagascar. As we hear the children pray, we are blown away as we hear them cry out to...

schooling for the poorest of the poor in Mahajanga, Madagascar

Five years ago, during our first year here in Mahajanga, Madagascar, we were uncomfortably confronted with the devastating effects of the poor not being able to go to school and learn to read and write. A family stood in front of us, dressed in the only clothes that they owned, the father who had a ga...



164 Children from really poor families in Mahajanga, Madagascar go to school


God is our provider


Holy Spirit you are welcome here