“But Jesus said, ‘Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” — Matthew 19:14 (NASB)

Mahajanga, Boeny - Madagascar

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In Mahajanga, on the northwest coast of Madagascar one of the poorest nations on the earth, we are currently setting up the second Iris base in Madagascar, we are excited about all the new families and children that will get to experience God’s unfailing love in this new region.

About Mahajanga

We are excited about all the plans the Father has been stirring in our hearts for this new base here in the north of Madagascar.

Everything will flow from the central point of our house for the abandoned, unwanted children and babies in Madagascar, where we will work with the government, house and look after all the different children that need a refuge. All the children we get the privilege of looking after will receive an education as well as being a part of Gods family here in Mahajanaga. We will open our doors each week to children in our community who are from poor families and give them a big bowl of delicious Malagasy food, while we sing songs to Jesus and tell them bible stories. They will come in hungry and go out with full tummies as well as getting to know more about beautiful Jesus too.

God is our provider

The father of this family cannot read or write because his family were too poor to send him to school. Even though he was willing to work and had an amazing work ethic, he was limited with the jobs he could find. When He found work, even after long days of labour there was never enough to provide a...

A father weeps as his prayers are answered

A few weeks ago, one of our workers at Iris Mahajanga called to say that he would not be able to come to work, the wooden boat on which his eldest son was working had broken in the middle of the ocean and he wanted to go and try to find his son, not knowing if he would be dead or alive. He spent everyth...

My very own Bible

As it approached one of our staff members birthday I had been thinking what gift we at Iris Mahajanga could give, knowing that whatever we gave to this worker we would have to be consistent with all workers. I thought about a bible, but they cost quite a bit here and so I thought about getting something...



Holy Spirit you are welcome here


A love gift of a home and shelter for a blind Woman who had been living out in the open


'how beautiful are the feet'