Iris Beauty for Ashes

"He told them, 'The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.'" — Luke 10:2 (NIV)

Managua - Nicaragua


Our heart is to see the Kingdom of God come; for heaven to touch earth in the trash heaps of Nicaragua.

About Iris Beauty for Ashes

Our heart is for trash dump communities. The founder of the Nicaragua base, Kara Westermann, met Jesus for the first time in the trash dump in Managua in 2008 and in 2013 she moved to Nicaragua full time to begin working in the trash dumps. Currently our missionaries live and work in two separate trash dumps in Nicaragua.

The first is in the capital of Managua. We have a children’s home there full of amazing teenagers who grew up in the trash dumps and in gangs. This home is where we host small groups of volunteers as well as weekly worship nights as a big family. It also serves as our after school program for the children from the La Chureca trash dump who are part of our scholarship program called Children With Destiny. Our second location is beside the trash dump known as Nueva Vida in the town outside of Managua called Ciudad Sandino. We build new homes throughout this community for those living in plastic houses. We have an after-school program in this trash dump as well and food distribution to the elderly and to the families working in the dump. This location will be our location for our large future base that will include our church, children’s school, baby house, vocational programs, missionary housing and harvest school training.

Creating Kingdom Family

Running a scholarship program is so much more than buying a uniform and enrolling a child into school. Many of these children have to overcome the giant lie that they are worthless. Many of them think that they belong in a trash dump for the rest of their lives because that is what they have been told. T...

Young girl is delivered of tormenting spirit beside Managua’s busiest traffic intersection

Working in the intersections in Managua is not easy work. It is hot as the sun beats down on the black concrete. It is dangerous as you weave in and out of cars trying to receive a coin or two. And it is full of rejection as people close their windows and pretend that you do not exist. I decided years ag...

How we react when we face different circumstances!

An awful virus has been sweeping through the trash dump community making everyone very sick. This is how our kids responded. They saw fevers completely leave in a moment and they saw the virus evicted in the name of Jesus. The power and love of Jesus is so real ❤️❤️❤️



Jesus rescues and heals a little girl who was trafficked


300 prostitutes loved by Jesus, the first flushing toilet in Nueva Vida and Honeypot school ends.


The Honeypot Missions School