“All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace.” — Isaiah 54:13 (NIV)

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Matola, Maputo - Mozambique

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About Matola

Caring for children affected by HIV has always been something we felt called to do. By teaching them to manage their condition through regulated medication, they are enabled to take back control of their lives from this destructive virus.

Our center is currently home to 42 children, many from the local area. Others are sent to us from the doctors at Maputo General Hospital, with whom we have a close relationship. Our children range from the ages four to eighteen each day brings its own excitement and challenges.

Our beloved Mozambican staff is an integral to our center here; each educator and team member brings a unique aspect to our family. In fact, our onsite church began thanks to the musical talents of Vovo Cumbane, a caretaker here at the time. He would bring his guitar and spend time singing and worshipping with the children. He planted the seed that would grow to attract the local community through our doors.


 Children’s Home – Primarily, we are a children’s home; providing food, care, shelter and a loving family environment for each of the children who come to live with us. We currently have forty-two children in our family, ranging from age four to eighteen. [Sponsor now]

Church – Our church meets in three different local communities, one is at our main center, the second is in Jonasse and the third in Patricia Lumumba.  Every second Sunday all three congregations meet together at the main center, where we worship and share in God’s word. Evangelism is a big part of our weekly routine and each Friday we visit families in the areas in which each of our churches are based.  

Preschool- With the provision of our new church building came the opportunity open our doors to the wider community. Each morning we hold a preschool which 67 children attend. Three fantastic teachers run the sessions, leading the children in songs and activities all morning long. 

Mercy Ministries – we offer milk powder and basic food supplies for the poorest families, and sometimes a free meal after the service, alongside transport where it is needed throughout the week. 

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Baptisms and Marriage

4 young people from our church at the rubbish dump and many of our children got baptized last month, it was such a joy! One young lady, who we met at the dump, said that her life was changing after the baptism, she lives with family now. Also, We started our ministry here in Matola in 2006. We saw...

Renovations and New Family Additions

Dear Friends and Family, After a great time in Holland and in Switzerland, Heleninha and I are back in Mozambique again. After these holidays, I have been in Pemba for a week for the Global Team Meetings from Iris Ministries. Besides having a time of rest, meeting with lots of people, and being in nature...

May 2015 Newsletter

In Ezekiel 47, it is written about the River from the Temple, living water that makes everything healthy, and about swarms of living creatures that live wherever the river flows... There are trees along the river. Their leaves will not wither nor will their fruit fail. Their fruit will serve for food and...



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