Empowered by the love of God to stop for the one in need through worship, outreach, family, education, relief, development, healing, and the arts.

The primary mission of Iris Global as a family is to seek the face of God with all our hearts, that we might glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. We proclaim Jesus. He is our salvation, our prize, our reward, our inheritance, our destination, our motivation, our joy, wisdom and sanctification — and absolutely everything else we need, now and forever.

Crisis Response: Cabo Delgado

Our most urgent focus right now is the crisis in northern Mozambique. Over the past seven years, hundreds of thousands of people have fled violent insurgents with many seeking safety in Pemba and surrounding villages. The situation has deteriorated dramatically and experts have recommended communities and organizations like Iris serving in the region prepare for a protracted season of terror and instability.

We will persevere in this work for as long as there is need. As we face this manifestation of evil, we keep Jesus ever before us knowing He already laid His life down for us. May your heart be filled with compassion to pray for the hurting and lost to come to know Jesus and for his love to transform the nation of Mozambique for eternity.


Join us in proclaiming Jesus. He is our salvation, our prize, our reward, our inheritance, our destination, our motivation, our joy, wisdom and sanctification — and absolutely everything else we need.

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Heidi at Fire Conference 2024, Multiple cities - Brazil

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All His grace and power flow to us through the Cross and no other way. We are glad to be known as social workers and humanitarians, and to have a reputation for doing good. But all is in vain if we do not bring to the people faith in our God and Savior Jesus Christ. We want to be known by His Name, first and foremost. And we do not expect fruitfulness to come out of anything but intimacy with Him …

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What began as a ragged band of young beggars, thieves and delinquents has developed by the power of the Holy Spirit into a closely-knit national family of thousands of churches and a broad ministry encompassing Bible schools, children’s centers, church-based orphan care, primary education, medical clinics, constant evangelistic and healing outreaches, farming, well drilling and much else. Our vision in the Lord is constantly increasing.

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Iris has over 35 locations in about 20 nations led by teams of missionaries and local leaders. As more and more people want to associate with us spiritually and in every way possible, our Iris family is expanding.


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