Friends in Ministry


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Arise Global
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Together we arise, empowering individuals and communities in the framework of love & family to see positive global impact.

Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, & Somalia

Justice Rising International
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Justice Rising brings peace to communities affected by war by providing quality education to children at risk. We build schools, develop programs and raise up community leaders towards the goal of promoting peace and breaking the cycle of war.

Johannesburg, South Africa

The Oasis
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Oasis; House of the Father: An Apostolic & Prophetic Household. A Church of LOVE! Oasis has been originally founded by Dr Sarel & Thiesa van der Merwe in Kempton Park, South Africa.

Lilongwe, Malawi

Child Mobilization for Christ
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We are called to serve Jesus by preaching the Gospel and making disciples of the children in Malawi and wherever He sends us. We do this by showing the love of Jesus as we plant and nurture Christian values in the hearts of children in schools, communities, churches, and on the streets to raise up spirituaral leaders for today and tomorrow.


Iris Ministries SA
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Iris South Africa is an office which supports Heidi and Rolland Baker and the various Iris Mission Bases in Southern Africa. We assist with procurement of goods, furniture, study materials, medical support for missionaries and maintenance of vehicles and technical equipment. We also serve in an advisory capacity for the two Iris childrens centres in South Africa. Iris South Africa is a registered NGO holding a bank account into which donations can be received to support the work of Heidi & Rolland Baker in Southern Africa.

Tete, Mozambique

Pioneer 61 Inc.
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The Lord told us that it was our MISSION to live out and fulfill Isaiah 61. This is our DESTINY. A PIONEER paves the way for others to follow … Jesus was the “Role Model PIONEER” who paved the way for us. Now it’s our mission to PIONEER generations into fulfilling their PURPOSE for the Kingdom.


Generation Won Ministries
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Abilene, Texas

Camp Barkeley Training & Equipping Center
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Camp Barkeley Training & Equipping Center is an apostolic event complex offering training, retreat and facility rental opportunities, and is dedicated to the preservation of its historical and environmental resources.

United Rescue Alliance
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United Rescue Alliance is an international disaster and crisis response organization dedicated to equipping and training sustainable leaders in emergency management to empower communities in the areas of disaster preparedness, response, and transformation. We value community resiliency through restoration and creating sustainable solutions through innovation.

Brooksville, Florida

Abide to Love
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Diminishing injustice by restoring family — one heart at a time.

Charlottesville, Virginia

Women Abide
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Raising up women after His heart, who passionately love Jesus, abide in Him unto overflow, full of His glory, and live to carry His love and presence to a broken world. We do this through gatherings, worship, intercession, equipping, missions, and simply carrying the love of Jesus to the one in front of us.

Fort Worth, Texas

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Convergence is a church that is passionate for the presence of God. The heart of Convergence is to live full of God and to see His presence released into every arena of life. We are a community that loves worship, prayer, the prophetic, and the Word. We are passionate to see every believer empowered to reach our city and every nation. We are a family that is on a journey to know God and to make Him known everywhere.

Convergence School of Supernatural Ministry is our 9 month full time ministry school.

Convergence has been a part of the Iris family for 11 years and is also connected with the Bethel Church Global Legacy family.

Franklin, Tennessee

Rolland & Heidi Baker Ministries
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Our purpose is to advance the Christian faith and expand God’s Kingdom through obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ’s commission to go and make disciples of all nations.

Jackson, Mississippi

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WEWILLGO is a ministry in Jackson, Mississippi, a beautiful city where Jesus is doing amazing things! Jesus led David and Amy Lancaster to start WWG in 2003, with the Word from the Lord and our answer is to HIS call to take thousands of people to HIS mission field – “YES JESUS! WE WILL GO!”

Jesus spoke to us very clearly that we are called to not only reach the nations, but to reach our city. Jackson is our Jerusalem. We are honored to have four ministry bases in downtown Jackson, MS. Jackson is a city that has been through many years of hurt, abandonment, violence, drugs, and racial tensions. We live in the middle of the poorest neighborhood, reach out daily to our beautiful neighbors, and share the love and light of Christ everyday. WWG missionary interns live on all WWG bases and share HIS great love every single day. We are honored to love rich and poor, addicts, churches, homeless, wealthy in JESUS' mighty precious NAME! We are living in the midst of great transformation and Jesus revival!

Massillon, Ohio

Frontline Ministries International
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Frontline Ministries International is a community of joyful worshipers who desire to passionately pursue the gift of intimate relationship with Jesus believing that He is our everything; our motivation, our goal, and worthy of our entire lives. We want to hunger for more of Him, to burn with His Holy Fire, and then "GO" with His powerful love to the deepest, darkest places locally and globally.

Pasadena, California

Tabernacle of David Christian Academy
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Mission Statement: To educate children according to their God-given design.

Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

Stand Out Ministries
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Mission Statement: In response to God's Great Commission, the three-fold mission of Stand Out Ministries is to prayerfully and Biblically plant Churches in the Amazon of Brazil, to internationally and domestically make disciples that make disciples, and to equip people worldwide to Stand Out by using their SHAPE for eternity sake.

S - Salvation
H - Hope
A - Abilities
P – Place
E – Enthusiasm

Richmond, Virginia

The Dwelling Place
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The Dwelling Place is a community of believers with campuses in Williamsburg and Richmond, VA. Our heart is to release the love and power of Jesus throughout our region, equip and disciple others to live like Him, reach out to the nations with the gospel, and love the poor and those in need. Our worship services are very free flowing and prophetic. Our heart is to create a place where the tangible presence of God is so overwhelming that lives are constantly being changed as they encounter Him.

Springfield, Ohio

Seeds of Grace Ministries
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Love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and love our neighbors as ourselves. We exist to glorify God and bring Kingdom transformation through community development and programs that aid in restoring our broken neighbors and neighborhoods back to God’s original intent for them.

São Paulo, Brazil

Dunamis Movement
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Dunamis Movement is a Christian movement whose focus is sustainable revival. Our aim is to spiritually awaken a generation, establish Kingdom culture and transform societies.

Toronto, Ontario

Love Relay
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Mission Statement: To support the ministries of Iris Global by sending containers of supplies to Iris ministry locations around the world.

Quebec, Canada

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The Quebec House of Prayer is part of a worship movement, where God is raising up houses of prayer all over the earth. QHOP is situated in the beautiful Eastern- townships in the province of Quebec. We are 1.5 hours southeast of Montreal, and close to the Vermont and New Hampshire borders. QHOP was founded in 2010, by Brian and Tanya Allatt (graduates of Harvest School 16). We are open from 8 am to 4 pm, five days a week, and offer live worship, intercessory prayer and biblical teaching. There are currently 9 full-time prayer missionaries on staff. The facility includes a completely-restored property from the early 1800’s, a 12 room motel with a guest house, as well as two missionary houses. In the fall of 2015, QHOP will be launching the Wellspring School of the Kingdom, with an emphasis on discipleship, prayer and worship. All Iris missionaries are invited to come and experience our unique-flavored house of prayer! Please visit us our website and like us on Facebook.


Northern Territory

Liberty Missions
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Mission Statement: To go into all the world, making disciples of Jesus Christ in the nations, and to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.


Nagaland, India

Sinai Ministry
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Mission Statement: Enriching the lives of people through worship and being a catalyst for revival.

Northern India


Edumount International
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Mission Statement: Transforming Education For The Future.


Zurich, Switzerland

Kingdom Family Multiplication (KFM)
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We merge kingdom culture with disciple multiplication, building a strong kingdom family who together in unity inherits nations all around Asia and beyond.

Hünibach, Switzerland

Noah’s Ark
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To preach the Gospel bringing hope to all nations, children, refugees, orphans, poor and widows in Switzerland.

Liverpool, UK

Operations Promises
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Mission Statement: Sharing Jesus with refugees.

Rilland, Holland, The Netherlands

The Lighthouse
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Mission Statement: We are a shining light to the nations.

Middle East


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The Gatekeepers are a community of Christ followers, dedicated to knowing God, and making Him known. We believe that every person has a unique calling and purpose in life. As a Church we’re committed to seeing people connect well in community, grow in the knowledge of God, live with purpose and see God do great things through their lives.

Amman, Jordan / Redding, CA

Journey the Jordan
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Mission Statement: We are passionate about people encountering the presence of God. On this journey, you will find your hearts awakened and drawn closer to the Lord and discover a deeper love for the Word of God. As you experience teaching and walk the land, you will connect with the Word of God in a way you’ve never experienced. You will find yourself leaving the land awakened, rejuvenated and having received more than you expected. It’s more than a tour, it’s an encounter with King Jesus!


His Heart Internship
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We offer a multi-facted unique program focused on the core values of worship, the restoration of Israel, and revival. This life changing program carries the Father’s heart for Israel.

Discover the treasures of Israel and how to stand with this nation. As the nations all rise to turn against Israel, it is more important than ever that people support and encourage this country. Become ambassadors for Israel in the nations, who will stand and speak for His people and His beloved land.

Hebrew Courses: Learn how to speak, read and write basic Hebrew in this 2-month intensive course.

Serve in the House of Prayer & Worship: praying for Israel and the Nations and for the End time Revival. Fulfill Biblical prophecy as we “Pray for the peace of the Jerusalem.” Psalms 122:6

Grow in the supernatural lifestyle and deeper intimacy with the Lord.