Our crisis relief program allows us to respond quickly to emergency and disaster situations around the world. We work with our local ministry centers to provide resources and relief where there is critical need.

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Crisis Response

This fund allows us to respond in emergency situations. We are able to help restore hope and show the healing power of God’s love in the midst of hardship.

Providing Physical & Spiritual Relief to Internally Displaced Persons

What began in 2017 as a seemingly random incident of isolated aggression in a town in northern Mozambique has deteriorated into a protracted and increasingly sophisticated campaign of terror. It has spread throughout the province of Cabo Delgado and threatens more people every day. Since that day in October 2017, hundreds of thousands have fled with little more than their lives and stories of unspeakable evil made manifest.

For our team of national and international missionaries it seems unimaginable that this could be happening to their family, friends, and neighbors. And yet, moved by compassion, they embrace the people whose faces are etched by grief and bring physical and spiritual relief with food, basic supplies, shelter, clean water, and the transformative love of Jesus.