Iris Relief exists to restore, equip, and mobilize disaster response missionaries on an ongoing basis to take the presence of the Kingdom and the spirit of revival (while bringing physical aid) to situations of crisis and disaster on a local, regional, and international scale.

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Iris Relief & United Rescue Alliance | Bahamas

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Iris Relief is partnering with United Rescue Alliance in our response to Hurricane Dorian's devastation in the Bahamas. United Rescue Alliance was founded by Norman and Angel Poorman to provide aid, train volunteers to respond, and bring the Kingdom of Heaven into disaster areas. United Rescue Alliance is a powerful partner for Iris and we expect to work closely with them in future response efforts.

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In March and April of 2019, Mozambique was slammed by back-to-back historic cyclones. Cyclone Idai ripped through central Mozambique and then dragged inland resulting in widespread catastrophic flooding. While Mozambicans were still reeling, Cyclone Kenneth struck the north decimating coastal villages, leaving communities inaccessible and desperate.

By God’s great grace Iris has a long-standing presence in both of the impacted areas. Prior to the storms our teams prepared by shoring up buildings, warning neighbors, and stockpiling relief supplies. Immediately after the worst passed, we were out assessing the damage and providing life-saving assistance to the people. In some cases this looked like fueling up boats to rescue people stranded in treetops and many more were given basic supplies of food, water, and dry clothing.

As our relief efforts shifted from grappling with the initial disaster to long-term recovery, we committed to rebuilding homes and churches, consistently distributing food and seeds for planting, medical care, and more. Each one of these recovery efforts always carried the Gospel of Jesus because we are focused on eternal transformation combined with our belief that love looks like something.

Largely in part to Cyclone Kenneth’s horrific damage in the northern coastal region and our Pemba team’s conviction to stop for the one no matter the cost, a community that had been hostile to the Gospel welcomed our missionaries with open hearts to hear the Gospel. They eagerly listened to the truth of Jesus because they saw His love in action.

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The response effort for Cyclone Idai accomplished:

  • 1,088,640 meals distributed
  • 23,510 bags of seed corn distributed for planting next season’s harvest
  • 325 Solar Bibles distributed
  • 201 homes built
  • 53 churches built

The response effort for Cyclone Kenneth accomplished:

  • 694,530 meals distributed
  • 5,132 tarps distributed in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse
  • 2,664 chapas (metal roofing) distributed
  • 1,000 Solar Bibles distributed
  • 5 churches built
  • 2 wells drilled
  • 1 school built