45 minutes | Mozambique | Released 2022

Filmed against the backdrop of an unknown war in Mozambique, NIFENTO documents Heidi Baker's fight to see love win against all odds in the midst of the terrorism, chaos, and torture of the innocent. Can love really overcome such darkness?

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When invaded by radical terrorists who are burning down villages, beheading, and violently murdering civilians, how does the Church in the midst of these tragedies respond? Heidi Baker, co-founder of Iris Global, has been living in Mozambique, Africa for over twenty-five years. Since 2017 her home province has been overcome by war. When Heidi’s friends and family have shared their concerns for her safety, asking her to consider leaving, Heidi’s response has always been: “Why should I leave behind the ones I’ve raised, disciplined, and whom I love? They can’t leave, so why should I?”

Filmed by two missionaries, James and Jessica Brewer, NIFENTO is a film that showcases the grim reality of the war and terrorism in northern Mozambique. It features stories from families who are experiencing it firsthand and the response of Iris Global who is working hand in hand with the local church. Striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus in one of the poorest nations in the world, Heidi and her team have faced cyclones, floods, famines, extreme poverty, and now terrorism. The conflict has ravaged the region resulting in over 800,000 people fleeing from their homes and becoming internally displaced.

In the midst of radicals who continue to set villages ablaze, behead civilians, and torture the innocent, the question remains: Can love really overcome such darkness?

NIFENTO (“LOVE” in the Mozambican language Makua)

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