Policies & Standards

Iris Global is unwaveringly committed to the safety and protection of children, vulnerable communities, and anyone serving in our ministry.

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Iris Global has zero tolerance for incidents of abuse against children and other people in the communities we serve, either committed by our staff or others connected with our work.

We abhor any misuse of power, status, or trusted position for any sexual or other exploitive purposes. We endeavor to expose and root out opportunities for abuse in our prevention and training efforts. Continuous improvement of safeguarding efforts, which emphasizes prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse is an ongoing effort in order to achieve the highest standards of protection.

Political Neutrality

Iris Global is committed to providing compassionate care to the communities and individuals we serve. We purpose to remain steadfastly neutral in all aspects of our ministry. As an international organization working primarily in marginalized and disenfranchised communities, our effectiveness would be severely undermined if we were perceived to align with or be beholden to a political ideology or government faction. In all nations we serve we value a favorable reputation with local governments, but retain clear independence.


Any media we share has been vetted to provide dignity and security to the communities and individuals represented. Our website, YouTube channel, social media sites, and other electronic and printed communications, include pictures, videos, and stories of our work we are comfortable sharing publicly. Beyond those outlets, all media is proprietary and unavailable to anyone outside our organization.