“We love because he first loved us.” — 1 John 4:19 (NIV)

Dondo, Sofala - Mozambique

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Our mission is to see the Gospel bring total transformation to the lives of our friends, pastors, and churches. Through teaching, prayer, worship, walking with our pastors through every day life, and reliance on the Holy Spirit.

About Dondo

Dondo is located in the Province of Sofala and is situated on the National Road number 6 that runs from the Port in Beira Mozambique on the East Indian Ocean through the country into neighboring Zimbabwe.
We are a center for training Bible teachers, worship leaders, children’s ministry leaders, women’s ministry leaders, and pastors for the Iris churches in Central Mozambique. We also serve the community in the areas of health care, preschool, prison ministry and caring for widows.


Discipleship and Evangelism:
We do not want to become so inward focused with discipling our churches and pastors as to become stagnant. We press forward with Jesus Films both at our established churches as well as new villages. When we do a film at an established church, the members come along for house visits preceding the film to pray for the sick and spread the word. We have a heart to establish, grow, and disciple the churches through evangelism, training seminars, and have written evangelism training booklets and travel throughout the provinces to teach and follow up with churches. [Giving Page link]

Knowledge is power, and you have to start somewhere! Our center provides pre-schooling for 4 and 5-year-olds, reserved for the poorest of our local community. We have wonderful Mozambican teachers, helpers, and a cook who prepares breakfast for the children every morning. The staff not only instructs the students during school hours, but also visits those who have missed subsequent days to make sure they are in good health, all their needs are met, and encourage them to return to school. The teachers have invested their own time and resources to help the children with clothing, medicine, and whatever other needs they catch wind of.

Mercy Ministries:
We are privileged to serve the ~130 widows and disabled who are a part of our widows’ program. There is a monthly distribution of money and some living essentials, with special gifts (like grass mats and blankets) thrown in throughout the year. Each year we provide school uniforms for the orphans who live with these widows. Help is also given to fix houses or rebuild roofs when needed—the heavy rains melt their houses of mud and sticks, so they never last long. We visit and pray for those who are sick, take them to the hospital when needed, and cover costs for medicine.

October 2020

As COVID restrictions set in, we sought God, and He provided the vision. October was beautiful! The adversary is suffering loss, the Spirit of God is moving, and we are witnessing a transformation in His church as believers are maturing, enjoying Christ. This month began with the Weavers in Tete, Moz...


June already, and it has been a month with excellent progress seeing Christ as life in Mozambique. We witnessed the sick healed, and a widow accept Christ as her savior. We've had bible studies in the bush and fed the hungry. As a base, we are pioneering a move of Christ to a newly discovered area u...

“Lockdown” can’t stop the Gospel

In the midst of many restrictions due to the pandemic I believe many ministries feel the daunting task of knowing how to continue ministry and advance the kingdom while having to social distance and cancel public gatherings. Even though for many it seems as though it may be a paralyzing time for the chur...



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