I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD. — Isaiah 45:3

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About Glastonbury

Glastonbury is a small town set in the picturesque Somerset countryside of England. Thousands of people from all over the world visit Glastonbury every year for spiritual quests. Glastonbury Tor is seen as one of the most spiritual sites in the UK. Glastonbury is believed to have magical healing energies and be the Heart ‘Chakra’ of the Earth. It is dubbed ‘pagan paradise’ but we believe we are going to see revival and the redemption of the town. There are 78 different religions and idols and shrines honoring numerous gods. The streets are lined with shops selling crystals, dreamcatchers, incense, all occult tools and tarot card reading. Also, a lot of occult retreats centers and occult conferences, witch fairs and a satanic library. A lot of people start to live in Glastonbury because they want to find themselves but end up losing themselves in drugs and the occult.

Church Planting
We have a church in Glastonbury and have seen a number of people saved and set free and we have a discipleship & Bible study program. We do outreach every week and get to meet and love people from all walks of life. We are training people in missions and evangelism and they put that training into practice by starting small groups. These small groups are mini churches and we believe to see many of these firey groups popping up around the country.

Mission training school
We hosted our first mission school 2023 and intend every year to keep training people in missions. We do the outreach in Glastonbury which is amazing because people are spiritually searching. Many amazing testimonies have come out of the training school with great stories of what the graduates are doing now after the school.

Apostolic Sending Center.
The UK used to be a great missionary sending nation. It is time for it to return back to its destiny. We train, support, disciple, and send missionaries to many different countries and we also support missionaries in their own countries as they work out how to reach the lost in their local neighborhood.

We have accommodations to host short term visitors with a prayer room and we have seen many people fall deeper in love with Jesus and healed emotionally during their visit. We host mission teams and prayer teams.

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Be part of our mission to share the Love of Christ with the world.

Team From Sheffield

We received another team that came from Sheffield to be with us for 3 days and during this period we did outreach in Glastonbury. Many people were impacted by the love of God and the worship. The presence of Jesus was so good in that moment in Glastonbury, that we don’t have any words to just say thank J...

Outreach team from 10 nations.

In January we had a team of 22 people coming out on the streets of Glastonbury with us. We saw salvations and miracles, healings and the team felt very encouraged as the people from Glastonbury are very happy to talk about spiritual things. People encountered the presence of God on the street, an...

Starting a church in a town steeped in witchcraft.

We have always been concerned about people we led to Jesus that they would have a spiritual home, people to disciple them and love them. In the last few years more than 50 people have given their lives to Jesus- Praise God. But the bible talks about discipleship too so this year we started a church in Gl...

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