“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” — Matthew 18:20 (NLT)

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Iris Fortaleza exists to know God, glorify Him, see the lost saved, and the saved walk in radical obedience to God until the Great Commission is fulfilled.

About Fortaleza

Fortaleza is located in Northeast Brazil. Its beaches are known as a vacation hot spot.
Fortaleza is located in Northeast Brazil. Its beaches are known as a vacation hot spot. Unfortunately, it is more widely known as a center for prostitution and sex trafficking in South America, recently declared the “3rd best location for sex tourism” in the world on a famous predator site. Of course, this is tied into the fact that 1 in 3 people live in one of the 550 favelas (slums) within the city, and the children there grow up (for the most part) fatherless.

Iris Fortaleza is a missionary community that exists to know God, glorify Him, see the lost saved, and the saved walking in radical obedience with God so the Great Commission may be fulfilled. 


Red Light Outreach
Our ministry in the red light district exists for us to shine the light of Christ in the darkness of the prostitution industry in Fortaleza. We work in brothels, against the prostitution of minors, sex trafficking, and minister inside the nightclubs. In recent years our focus has been in the tourist area of the city by the beach, where there are several streets with bars, nightclubs, and brothels. Prophetic worship and intercession is our focus. We have seen God move in response to our prayers and worship, bringing change and transformation to the atmosphere we are ministering in. During the week we do discipleship with them, with the aim of restoring their lives back to fullness in Christ. [Giving Page link]

Community Transformation
Our community transformation project is located in a slum in the city center of Fortaleza called Oitão Preto.  Oitão Preto is infamous for its high level of violence, drugs, and prostitution. It is one of the darkest and most broken places in the city, and it is for this reason we have been attracted to it to shine the light and healing touch of Jesus upon it. In this ministry, we aim to marry the missions and prayer movements in one place. We have a house of prayer amongst the drug dens and a house that we have named the Dream Factory, which is across the alleyway from the House of Prayer. We try to model the pattern seen in Exodus 17, when Moses was on the mountain in prayer, while Joshua was in the valley fighting. We invade the heavens with worship and intercession upstairs, in our house of prayer, to engage in the heavenly battle, then, enforce the victory gained going to the valleys or alleyways with practical actions of mercy, compassion, and justice. 

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God is moving!

These past few months have been quite a thrill. We had the privilege of having some of our Iris family spend some time with us. James, Jessica and Baby Grace were a delight and helped us so much by filming and capturing our daily outreaches that we do in the red light district and in a local slum called...

Testimony from the Red Light District

This week we went into the night club were we usually evangelize. We were with a team of 5 volunteers. For some of them, it was the first time in this type of evangelism. Soon, one of the volunteers called me (Isabela) over to talk with 4 girls. So there were 9 of us on the night club sofas praying. Whil...


Burnout. When used in reference to missionaries, I'm guessing that means we ran out of fire. Which means we do not have enough passion to keep the fire burning in our hearts. Which means somehow we got a little too far away from the all-consuming Fire, Jesus. Yikes, I do NOT want that to be me! Yet, som...



Our Second Worship Service in the Nightclub


Joyful Mother's Day


First Iris Fortaleza Missions School