Written by Lorelei Barbutti

Burnout. When used in reference to missionaries, I'm guessing that means we ran out of fire. Which means we do not have enough passion to keep the fire burning in our hearts. Which means somehow we got a little too far away from the all-consuming Fire, Jesus.
Yikes, I do NOT want that to be me! Yet, somehow, as we recently rolled into our fifth year of being missionaries in Brazil, Herb and I were both feeling so exhausted all the time. We started to use the word burnout. We have been running so hard since January... with the school prep and training of staff, to moving our family out to the farm where the school was located, to three months of missions school and wild times, to us both getting hit with Dengue fever, to restructuring the base with 40 missionaries, on and on till today.
It's easy to feel shame and failure sweep over my whole being in these days of constant tiredness and low immune systems. But it is ever so much more lovely and worthwhile to gaze at Jesus, to work super hard to know Him more, to strive to enter His rest. One of our mentors, Stacey Campbell, recently reminded me that is the only thing God commanded us to strive for.
So, last week a friend of our ministry offered her beautiful farm, that also happens to be across the street from the beach, in order for us to rest as needed. We rested, we ate, we slept in the air conditioning, and took lots of hot showers. And we had all the guys from our base out for a couple days to just rest together as well. It was healing and fulfilling getting to rest together. No agenda, just rest, play board games, and eat! What an incredible blessing. It was so quiet, with only the sound of rushing water from the river in front of the house. My soul was ministered to by the beauty of Jesus.
Back in the swing of things at the base now, I am still striving to enter His rest in everything. I must keep seeking His face till I find it. He is so good and so faithful to us, always! I want to be constantly swept up in His all-consuming Fire of Love.... Anything less is death for us.
Now, we have two months and counting until we head out to the States for 2 1/2 months. We want to make every day count, as we are really looking at passing off the base practically to our leadership here, as we prepare for a transition to the next place God is calling us... Wherever that may be. These months in the States we plan to rest plenty, as well as make some new connections and spend time with our supporters. We will also be really seeking the Lord for the next steps and where He is leading us. We would love to see all of you!!! So please, if you would like to have us come out to where you are, contact Herb or I via facebook or email so we can talk about options!
Please pray for our health; neither Herb or I are very strong after being hit with Dengue and being very tired. Pray also that God will give us everything we need to finish our last two months well before going to the States; pouring out everything that is needed here for the young missionaries to thrive, grow, and go forward with ministry here and around the world.