“... every place where the river goes, will live” — Ezekiel 47:9b (NASB)

Chimoio, Manica - Mozambique

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Our vision is to positively impact society by breaking the cycles of poverty, illiteracy and broken families one child at a time. Our mission is to provide a fun loving, family environment for orphans and vulnerable children to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. We want to help them cultivate good self-esteem, positive personal identity, and a joyful outlook on life through basic academic and Christian education, life skills, and training for successful futures. Our long-term dream is to see local and international communities being radically reached for Christ, and transformed by heaven’s realities.

About Chimoio

ROG Children’s Center is located in the city of Chimoio, Provence of Manica, Mozambique surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, and nearly an hours drive to the boarder of Zimbabwe.

The children’s center has naturally expanded with new buildings, children, and team members from it’s small beginnings of four children that were left at our door in September 2008. There are currently 20 children and youth being cared for by our team of workers and missionaries.

Faithful God!

I asked some of the children for a testimony to share on the post today, and one of them said "I don't have anything extra special, but all I know is that our great God is Mighty and faithfully caring for us each day!" And that is so true, our God is consistent in loving and providing for us all! We...

Iris Chimoio rejoicing!

It's so good to worship our omniscient, omnipotent all powerful God! Our everpresent help. We thank God for His presence over Iris Chimoio, the children are well, studying hard. Mama Alet our Art and crafts teacher is busy teaching the girls embroidery.

Windy winter

Brrrr, oh how we're thankful to God that it doesn't snow in Mozambique!! With Temps dropping down to 10°C, all we ever want to do all day is be tucked in a nice warm blanket!! It's biting cold and windy! However, our gracious Father has been protecting the children at the Centre, so far we've not even...



Children's Day


Children’s Day in Chimoio


Bright New Season