“... every place where the river goes, will live” — Ezekiel 47:9b (NASB)

Chimoio, Manica - Mozambique

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Our vision is to positively impact society by breaking the cycles of poverty, illiteracy and broken families one child at a time. Our mission is to provide a fun loving, family environment for orphans and vulnerable children to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. We want to help them cultivate good self-esteem, positive personal identity, and a joyful outlook on life through basic academic and Christian education, life skills, and training for successful futures. Our long-term dream is to see local and international communities being radically reached for Christ, and transformed by heaven’s realities.

About Chimoio

ROG Children’s Center is located in the city of Chimoio, Provence of Manica, Mozambique surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, and nearly an hours drive to the boarder of Zimbabwe.

The children’s center has naturally expanded with new buildings, children, and team members from it’s small beginnings of four children that were left at our door in September 2008. There are currently 20 children and youth being cared for by our team of workers and missionaries.

End of school year

Internal and Public exams have just concluded, phew, it's been a stressful time! All the children are now awaiting their results. Some are sure to pass the class, while others are awaiting ' segunda época ' - a chance to rewrite the subject they may have failed. Regarding the re-intergration, we've got...


Lots of mixed emotions happening at our Iris centre in Chimoio! Social welfare sent us an official letter insisting us to reintegrate the children to their families; our children have been nestled and well cared for while here. However, a child's place is with his family. So, We're in the process of con...

Praying for a wall!

The elections are now behind us, the country voted a couple of days back and now we await results. God is good, besides a few rough incidents around the country, the elections went well. All our staff members voted! The children at the center are well, each one working hard to complete their school work...



Children's Day


Children’s Day in Chimoio


Bright New Season