New School year rush!

Written by Thomas and Edith Toalha

We thank you for your support and prayer over us at Iris Chimoio. We're keeping close contact with all our children and their relatives, some are adjusting well, others need prayer coverage; Micaela's 'aunt' is feeling overwhelmed to have a teenager at her home and doesn't know how to relate to Micaela, causing tension.
Jasse and Gabriel's older brother feels the same. We're communicating a lot with these relatives. So they all need prayer coverage. Social welfare in Nampula is taking time to register the boys, so, in the meantime they're missing school., social welfare in Chimoio aré very supportive and active here, they've been of tremendous help to us in getting the children to their new schools, with letters of transfer, burseries etc.
The school year began and all of our children have been provided with all the school materials required.