Kenya - Mombasa

“The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it.” — Psalm 24:1 (NASB)

Mombasa, Coast Province - Kenya

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The vision of Iris Kenya Ministries is to see the country of Kenya penetrated by the light of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire to help bring this nation back to its Creator and rightful King (Psalm 24:1). Our vision is to plant churches wherever the Lord opens doors for us to do so, and to disciple people in these churches so that God can use them to bring change to the communities they live in.

About Kenya - Mombasa

Iris Kenya has a mandate from God to plant churches, reach out to the poor, stop for the one, and to spread the Gospel and love of Jesus wherever we go.

Although we do not yet see it, we praise God that He will soon make a way for us to build churches and then children’s homes, schools and clinics near them. We are also praying that God will help us build a home where visiting missionaries can stay.

One new school and two new churches..

We greet you in the name of Jesus and trust all is well with you. The school we are building next to our church is nearly finished and we hope to welcome 125 very poor children, whose parents or carers cant afford to pay their school fees at a government school, at the beginning of the new school year i...

Greetings from Kilifi!

Greetings from Kilifi and a Happy New Year! Praying you are doing well. We are sorry for the silence still challenge with our boys, we have been travelling a lot with David since his surgery. Last week he removed the cast and still he is not allowed to put weight on his leg, in two more weeks he will...

Great fellowship

Greetings in Jesus! We wish you a blessed and a prosperous New Year. We are deeply thankful and humbled by the Lord's grace in our lives. This week has been amazing! We had a team of 40 visitors come to visit our Church. The day was so special! The joy of being together to worship the Lord despite our...



We have returned to Kenya!


Our numbers are growing!


Schools Reopened and Lots of Rain!