Iris Kenya has a mandate from God to plant churches, reach out to the poor, stop for the one, and to spread the Gospel and love of Jesus wherever we go.

Although we do not yet see it, we praise God that He will soon make a way for us to build churches and then children’s homes, schools and clinics near them. We are also praying that God will help us build a home where visiting missionaries can stay.

The way Iris Kenya is structured means there are no placements available for missionaries at the moment other than for a married couple who would like to tutor the large group of children that attend our children’s church in Mtondia during their school holidays. We are also looking for someone with an agricultural background to set up a small farm, and teach the local community how they can sustain themselves and feed themselves and their families through small scale farming.

Should we be looking for any other personnel to fill posts within Iris Kenya, we will place the details here.