Alice Springs

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me." — Matthew 25:35-36 (NIV)

Alice Springs, Northern Territory - Australia

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We are here to love Jesus and bring Him glory as we serve and reach out to Aboriginal people with the Gospel.

About Alice Springs

Alice Springs has the highest percentage of Aboriginal people in any urban centre in Australia.
In the small town of Alice Springs in central Australia – right in the middle of the Outback – we have established a ministry center to serve a historically disenfranchised community.  Most of the Aboriginal people live outside the city-proper trying to live as traditionally as possible, subsisting as hunters and gatherers. However, they do come into town for medical care, shopping, banking, and more. Iris Alice Springs is called to dig a well of revival here, so people can come alive in Him in the remote middle of Australia! There is a sad history as a nation and Jesus is bringing restoration to these beautiful people as we give our lives in the desert.

Our team holds church services every week, has children and youth ministries, serves weekly community lunches, takes outreach trips to the streets and camps, attends funerals, disciples people near and far, visits the hospital for ministry to the sick, as well as provides crisis-care for practical needs such as emergency food, transport, clothing, and fire wood.


Visitors’ Center:
We are so blessed when individuals, families, and ministry teams come to visit and serve alongside us. Our goal is for visitors to get more than they give when they come, and we always get an encouraging ‘boost’ when we work together. Our heart is to provide visitors with a hospitable place to stay when they are with us. We would also use this space for pastoral training, discipleship, and other meetings.

Practical Crisis Needs:
Our community is often one bad day away from serious crisis. One of our main ministries is to provide for the practical needs in order to keep individuals and families out of crisis.  Each week we are met by genuine needs for basics such as food and clothes.  We provide a community meal once a week and in between help to supply food to families as emergencies arise.  There are huge burdens of disease in Alice Springs, especially diabetes so access to healthful food is critical.

Remote Outreaches:
We are compelled to go to remote communities and would love to send more teams to encourage Christians there and to preach the Gospel to those who don’t yet know Him!  Due to the long distances, it can cost us up to $500 + in fuel alone, per trip as some of the more remote communities we visit are up to 14 hours drive away.

Bus Ministry:
Iris Alice Springs is helping a local church to pay for a church bus to help people get to church meetings.  Many of the people living in Aboriginal camps and communities outside of town have no way of getting to church for bible studies and to worship unless this bus ministry is in operation.  At times and whenever possible with our roads, we also use busses to assist families in being able to attend funerals, sometimes at great distances.

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Jesus heals

This little boy in my arms in this photo was fully deaf in one ear and mostly deaf in the other. We prayed & anointed his ears with oil and now he hears very well! We’re so grateful to Jesus!!!! This healing has especially impacted his life and his grandmother who cares for him!!!

Low and slow

This week I went to pick up some regulars for our Thursday night bible study when a bunch of ‘extras’ jumped in the bus who had (they said) “never been to church”... There were two young women and a little girl... We have started watching ‘The Chosen’ series with the people, and before the screenin...


When the pandemic restrictions began in central Australia, our community meals, discipleship groups, and church services were closed down. Many Aboriginal people and Aboriginal Christian leaders were stuck in our town as the roads and borders back into their remote communities were suddenly closed.  Many...



Perfection in weakness


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