Iris Alice Springs

Alice Springs, Northern Territory - Australia


We are here to love Jesus and bring Him glory as we serve and reach out to Aboriginal people with the Gospel.

About Iris Alice Springs

Alice Springs has the highest percentage of Aboriginal people in any urban centre in Australia.

..and is the major service centre for the many surrounding bush communities making it a central meeting place for many tribes as well as internationals and other non-Indigenous people. At our base in Alice Springs, we receive and send missionaries, disciple people, support leaders, run church meetings and outreaches -locally and to communities -as invited. We also have crisis support, a weekly meal and provide people with clothes, food, firewood, fuel, accommodation mainly to people in remote communities and local town camps.

Outback school of missions

In January we were blessed to be able to run our first ever Outback School of Missions at our Iris Alice Springs base! We confirmed the dates only a couple of months before the school and so we were surprised and excited that God sent us around 50 students from all over Australia and even a few internati...

Jesus is breaking dividing walls

Something that has really moved my heart recently was seeing a young woman of a certain tribe here (we have numerous tribes here in this town) come forward to receive prayer. She has been suffering from a chronic illness and without a miracle they say it will cause her life expectancy to be very short....

A cool space

Recently Jesus spoke to our hearts to open a cool space up in the hot days for women to come and be ministered to. We had some visitors God brought for the right time- a lady in her early 60’s who knew the pain of separation from her husband and could minister to the women about her experience of ab...



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Iris Alice Springs