They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of His splendor. – Isaiah 61:3b

About Mwaro

Mwaro is a small town in the center of Burundi where we have set up home and are loving God and loving our neighbors. Iris Mwaro is a small pioneer ministry going low and slow with an aim to grow together as Oak Trees of Righteousness for the display of God’s splendor.

Iris Mwaro uses the concepts of Foundations for Farming (Farming God’s Way) and implemented this on the land. We hope to use a demonstration plot to teach people in the community how to be good stewards of the land and increase crop and food yields.

Hospital Visiting
We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and visit those who are sick in hospital to encourage and pray for them. We also support and help financially patients who are ‘prisoners’ in the hospital due to not being able to pay the hospital bill.

Kids Club / Sunday School
Children are the next generation and we want to see them grow to know God in a real and deep way. Iris Mwaro wants to support the local church in running Kids Club and/or Sunday School.

Support Mwaro Special Projects

Be part of our mission to share the Love of Christ with the world.

Angels on the land

We have two hectares of land here in upcountry Burundi. It slopes down a hill to a valley. The land has crops, animals and a family home. In the valley two men sleep in a tent to watch over the crops in the valley of our neighbours (not our land and they are not employed by us). These two men told our ni...

Three phone calls

In the eyes of the world it would seem that our ministry here in the upcountry town of Mwaro is insignificant. No big ministry. No big buildings. No big numbers. But We are seeing God use our “Yes” to serve Him here and it is beautiful in the brokenness around. Here is just a short description of s...