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“The Lord shall fight for you and you will hold your peace ... ” — Exodus 14:14 (AMPC)

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About South Sudan

Our center in Yei, South Sudan opened its door on Christmas Day 2006 by welcoming the first 10 children to their new home and feeding over 1,000 people. Over the next ten years, the ministry grew to be a home for 135 children and served a wide variety of people in their community. Then in November 2016 they had to flee and arrived in Luwero, Uganda as refugees from South Sudan’s Civil War.  Their adopted hometown is about one and a half hours from the capital city of Kampala and has a population of approximately 475,000. Our main focus continues to be on our children, but we do have many opportunities to preach in the local churches, schools, and refugee camps.


New Home:
Our biggest project is to rebuild our lives here in Uganda.  We are starting all over again and we need a home.  We currently rent and the space is very small for all of our children.  We do have land and water so we are ready to build. Our current priorities for building are the kitchen & dining room, storeroom, boys’ home, and girls’ home.

Our Children:
Sponsor our children through our Stop for the One sponsorship program.
[Stop for the One]

Milk Clinic:
We also participate in Stop for the One’s Milk Program sponsorship and it is pure joy to watch babies go from the brink of death to thriving, life-abundant little ones!
[Stop for the One]

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Celebrating Our Beautiful Life!

Can you even believe that Christmas is just around the corner? Over the last seven years we have managed to find dependable relatives for all but twelve of our kids! That is incredible because we have traveled extensively to the refugee camps and to South Sudan, looking high and low. The kids are exci...

Reunited In The Refugee Camps

I can’t believe we are already in August! The older I get the faster time goes. In June we were able to take two more of our kids to be reunited with their families in the refugee camps. Every time we go there is always a wonderful testimony. One girl met her older brother for the first time since sh...

Refugee Camp and Community Outreach Blessings

Greetings Family! I have made two trips to the Refugee Camps in Northern Uganda in June and July to take some of our children to see their relatives. Most have not seen a relative, including parents, for ten years. There is a huge fear that if the relatives make themselves known then I will give the...



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