Port Au Prince

"Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you..." — Isaiah 60:1 (NASB)

Port Au Prince - Haiti

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About Port Au Prince

Our heart is to disciple families to welcome orphans so the gospel will spread and God’s glory will flood upon this land...
The heart of our project is to disciple families to welcome orphans. We are building relationships with the community around us and learning more about the culture. We love to stop for the one in need, to share the love of Jesus, and minister in the poorest place of the capital, the slum of Cité Soleil.


Family Discipleship
We are creating a community by inviting couples to live with us and discover the true meaning of family according to the heart of God. After a few years of life on life discipleship, we hope to send these families wherever God desires to live a life lead by the Holy Spirit. We believe that these families will come closer to God, have practical skills to be self-sufficient, take care of their homes and families, be able to welcome in orphaned children, share Jesus with their communities and make disciples. We believe by doing this, Haitians will rise up and see their nation revived, the Gospel spread and God’s glory flood upon this land like the prophet Isaiah proclaimed in Isaiah 60.

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Cité Soleil, How we continue to provide help and support in the midst of insecurity.

Because of the gang wars in Cité Soleil, we can no longer go there. And because of the insecurity, we go less out of our homes. But how can we continue our ministry? We have been restructuring our organization for a few months now. We are going to change our strategy so that we can continue to provide...

Unsettled by a different reality

t's been already a month since Lionel (Flore's brother) joined our team in Haiti. We are grateful that he can help us and serve the people around him. After arriving in a completely new setting, read how he lets himself be challenged. After a day in Cité Soleil we are finally back home. The gate opens...

A life saved

Benjamin is a father of 3 children but no longer has a job. I visit him regularly and lately he told me that he would need money to buy a few pairs of shoes to resell them and make some money. Indeed in this period life is even harder than usual and his wife has just become pregnant again. The day we de...