For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. — Habakkuk 2:14 (NIV)

About Chienge

Iris Chienge has high hopes in positively impacting this country through various outlets including: outreach, discipleship, mercy ministries (food distribution, at-risk children and widow support), and education. There is richness in this soil! Partner with us in prayer as this nation continues to grow.
Zambia, unlike most of its neighbors, has managed to avoid the war and upheaval that has marked much of Africa's post-colonial history, earning itself a reputation for political stability.

The landlocked country has experienced rapid economic growth over the last decade as Africa's second largest copper producer after the DR Congo. Zambia also has one of the world's fastest growing populations with the UN projecting its population will triple by 2050.
 But economic growth has failed to improve the lives of most Zambians, with two-thirds still living in poverty. HIV/AIDS also epidemically infected the country in the 90s and 2000s, as well as a large number of orphans.

Children’s Church:
In this once a week program for village children we share the Gospel, play games, and give them a safe & loving place to be kids.

Mercy Ministry:
We provide basic food supplies for the widows, elderly, and vulnerable adults in our community. We also pay the school fees for a few Secondary School students and help them with uniforms and basic needs. It is our hope to also have a small discipleship group with these students. 

Community Outreach:
We go on house-to-house visits where we spend time with the people, build relationships, pray for them, and share Jesus with them. We also go to our local hospital to pray for the patients, bring meals, and always introduce them to the One who is the One.

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