South Asia [North]

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” — Matthew 24:14 (NIV)

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We see the fiery bride of Christ fully represented at the banqueting table of heaven from every people group in India. Our vision is to see revival fires lit across the region by cross-cultural lovers of Jesus who lay their lives down amongst the people they are trying to reach in an overarching context of family.

About South Asia [North]

Located in a bustling city, our team lives across several neighborhoods and we are overseeing churches across different locations. We work together to not only serve our local communities, but also to serve the wider Christian community across our nation, especially in the northern region where the majority of the unreached people groups reside.  
Our work presently covers three main areas of ministry:

  • Training and equipping: pastoral training, evangelism training, Bible schools, discipleship, persecution/legal seminars, vocational training

  • Serving the poor and disadvantaged: mercy ministry (food, blanket and ration distributions), children’s program, health and social awareness programs, English coaching programs

  • Power evangelism and church planting: deliverance, intercession, prophetic ministry, praying for the sick, village outreach

Get Involved:

1. Elementary School and Children’s Program: We are in the process of building and ultimately overseeing an elementary school that will serve poor and disadvantaged children in need of quality education. We are asking for support to help cover costs of building materials, teacher salaries, school fees for day students and those that will live on site in dormitories. Opportunity is available to sponsor children through the Stop for the One program.
2. Discipleship School: We run bi-annual equipping and training schools for believers from the wider area wanting to grow to become biblical, supernatural, missional and relational disciples of Jesus. The area we live in is incredibly poor and even with nominal fees, many are unable to afford tuition and thus we scholarship in most of our students. We are also filled to capacity and are looking at acquiring more property in order to house a growing number of students. All teachers and translators have been on a volunteer basis, so the cost per 8-week school for 40 students is approximately $5000, which covers housing, food, tuition and school supplies. We would love to make this opportunity available to as many as possible, as quality ministry training is severely lacking in the North.
3. Ministry Expansion: We are looking to acquire property in the northeast region. After receiving prophetic words about planting in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, we envision starting a ministry center and missions school that would be open to both locals and internationals in an area that borders all four of these countries. We desire that each school would release a team to plant in these nations as they have historically been unreached by the gospel.

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