Guinea (Conakry)

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Now all glory to God our Father forever and ever! Amen.” — Philippians 4:19-20 (NLT)

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Conakry, Conakry Region - Guinea

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Our vision is to see the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ radically impact the people of Guinea Conakry and to build a 40-acre campus to support our local community. Our base is located at Dabompa Commune de Matoto, Guinea Conakry, West Africa. The base is comprised of five bed rooms flat and there are nineteen people living in the house. We have twelve orphans, twelve widows and five adults.

About Guinea (Conakry)

The purpose of the base is to provide a safe environment for orphans and widows.
Our ministry in Conakry, Guinea on the West African coast started in 2011. Our initial focus was on planting churches, training healthcare workers, and providing schooling for several hundred children. Then in 2013 we started taking orphaned children into our own home to provide full-time loving care in a family setting.  The number of children needing a home increased after the Ebola crisis and we currently have 24 children in our care ranging in age from 1 to 14 years old. 

We also have planted 10 churches with several pastors in training to plant new churches, and have started to train healthcare workers because the need is so great after Ebola. 

Children’s Home
With 24 children in a normal family home we were unable to take in any more children and so we started praying for the finances to build a bigger home with a church and vocational training facilities all on our own land.

God answered our prayers by raising up generous supporters who have donated enough money to buy a large tract of rural land plus build a home big enough to house all 24 of our children, their care-givers, and any other little ones Social Services asks us to look after in the future.

There is still work to be done before we can move into our new home; the septic tank, toilet and shower block as well as the kitchen and relevant storage facilities still have to be built. We are also hoping to purchase a small bus suitable for transporting children to church, school, medical appointments, etc as well as doing outreach work when teams visit us. 

Hope Academies
In September 2018 we started five Christ-centered schools in our own church buildings to take in the many Ebola orphans who are either living on the streets or being looked after by people who cannot afford to pay the school fees. The children attending Hope Academies have normal lessons with qualified teachers, a healthy lunch, as well as free medical care. We currently have 15 classrooms with the potential of 30 more as finances allow. Our Hope Academy classes are available for sponsorship through Stop for the One.

Our Children
We are providing full-time care for 24 beautiful children and we are blessed God gave them to us. We are also pleased to be a part of Stop for the One’s sponsorship program because we know firsthand what a difference it makes in the life of one child. To see whom you can sponsor, check out our kids here.

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My dear family and friends, We have spent the last few months catching up with the things we were not able to do during the Covid lockdown, The only thing which has disturbed our progress since then was when we were all told to stay at home after there was political unrest following a coup in the coun...

We have so much to be grateful for!

Dear friends and family, It is with a truly grateful heart that I can tell you that all is well with us at our Iris Global base here in Conakry, Guinea. If you have been reading our updates you will know that not only the Covid 19 virus but also the widespread political unrest kept our children out...



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Many children, few schools

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