"However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” the things God has prepared for those who love him.” - I Cor 2:9 NIV

About Kraków

We are a Christian mission center located in Krakow, Poland. Our main focus is to create a space where people are free to encounter God, be delivered, and live a transformed and empowered life through the mighty work of the cross and obedience to the Holy Spirit.
 Every week we go out to preach the gospel, feed the hungry, and share the love of Christ with the needy. We host prayer gatherings and separate time to fast and worship Jesus together, as we believe it is essential for any activity to flow from the place of intimacy with God. We help others to grow in faith and support them in the journey to deeper knowledge of who Christ is.

Get Involved
Please, consider praying for us as we step out to share the love of Jesus and preach the gospel with the lost and needy. Also, we invite you to join us as a missionary long or short-term. We will welcome you and allow you to be a part of our weekly activities, such as street outreaches, discipleship program, feeding program and others.

Contact Us
For those interested in a short-term visit, long-term missionary opportunities, or other general questions, please email:

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Be part of our mission to share the Love of Christ with the world.

Iris Europe Camp

Every year we host a European Iris camp gathering hungry hearts coming from all over Europe. This is the time for Europeans to be refreshed and revitalized so they can go back to their respective countries and become influential, living a missional lifestyle, returning with fire. This year in August we h...

Ukrainian Refugees

Since the beginning of the war, God has put on our hearts to work with war refugees, to see them through the devastation and challenges they are going through. From the first week of the war we started by going to the borders to supply refugees arriving in Poland with hot food and drinks. God spoke to...