The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. —Proverbs 11:25 (MSG)

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Loures, Lisboa - Portugal

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About Lisbon

Iris Lisbon’s vision is to creatively reach this historical city with a rich past. Lisbon has been a center for many trades throughout the centuries, and we believe it’s time for Lisbon to become a center from which Jesus-lovers are sent out to proclaim the Gospel to the rest of Europe.

The heart of Iris Lisbon is to create a family of believers with restored identity. Practically, schools, outreaches, and ministries will be implemented, as well as a microbusiness to support the vision. We want to know the city to understand the needs and actively go after restoration and healing in the land. Partner with us in prayer for a city whose future will be as rich as its history!


Ministry Training Center 
We believe Portugal It’s ready for a harvest of missionaries and we want to be part of training and sending them. So we are already looking for a home to buy or rent where we can soon receive full time missionaries.

Outreaches & Discipleship 
We are already working together with the church in Portugal with evangelism training and outreaches in a few different cities. We have also started a discipleship in missions for some Portuguese couples who are feeling called to fill time missions. 

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Emmanuel, God is with us.

We've been visiting and building relationship with a beautiful Gypsy Community for a few months now. We call then the "Emmanuel Community". What made us curious about this place is the openness and desire to know more about Jesus. When we first arrived, the villagers were clear: We don't need food or fin...

Bible study and Breakthrough

We're living days of breakthrough and an outpouring of hunger for the Word of God in our community, especially with children and teenagers. Now we're doing Bible study and God is doing incredible things. God has brought them to our small Base, which has led us to pray for a bigger place. Please pra...

Let the nations be glad!

We believe that God's moving in the church in Portugal and there's a new breed of missionaries being raised beating to the beat of their Bridegroom King Jesus, carrying their glory throughout the earth. One of our team members will be leaving us soon, to serve in a country in South Asia. For security rea...



Hungry for more of God


We have a Base (Hallelujah!)


Asia will be saved!