Re-intergration of our children

Written by Thomas and Edith Toalha

My sincere apologies for the silence, I've been having internet difficulties, hope this post will go through!
Well, Iris Chimoio has been very busy and in transition over the last two months:
In regards to school exams, most of the children passed, except for 2 girls who were answering public exams, both will have to rewrite public exams at the end of the year.
One of our older boys ,Paulo, who, although left the centre 2 years ago, is still very much connected to us, he does night duty as a guard.
Well, Paulo, tied the knot! Yup our little young (and mature) man got married!! It was a jubilous day, so much excitement and festivity , everyone was involved!

The most difficult 'activity' that finally took place was the reintegration of the children:
Thomas the director and Pai Bobo the pastor, took each of the children to their respective relatives, blessed them, prayed for them and left them with the promise of regular visits.
Most of the children have relatives close by around Chimoio, EXCEPT for 2 brothers Jasse and Gabriel, whose brother came to fetch them from Nampula about 2000kms from Chimoio. They've arrived and are settling in 5heir new environment.
So thats it from us at Iris Chimoio, we all need your prayer coverage to readjust.
Blessings to all!