God is moving!

Written by Bruno Teixeira

These past few months have been quite a thrill. We had the privilege of having some of our Iris family spend some time with us. James, Jessica and Baby Grace were a delight and helped us so much by filming and capturing our daily outreaches that we do in the red light district and in a local slum called Oitão Preto. They gave us a lot of media content that we will be using to share more about our base and our work.

God has been moving within our projects inside of the slums and red light. A week ago we had a love banquet where 7 transvestites and 1 male prostitute came to our dinner and heard a powerful message on self worth and the value that Jesus sees in their lives. This was the first time in our red light ministry’s history that that many transvestites came to our banquet. They are usually the people we encounter with the hardest hearts so it was a spiritual breakthrough that they came. In addition to red light, we are making ground in Oitão with the children and families living in the community as we visit and disciple these people on a weekly basis. Some of our missionaries recently began visiting another nearby slum called Baixa Pau where they have started to build relationships and try their best to tend to their needs.

God has also blessed us by recently giving us new missionaries who have come to serve long term at the base. They all just graduated from our past Mission School and we are excited to have them here with us as we get to witness up close their growth in their walk with Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and over our outreaches and we would like to ask that you all can continue praying for the men, women and children we encounter. Please pray that God will pour out his Spirit and that people will come to repentance, turn their life around and become true disciples of Christ.

We also want to ask for prayer for our base and our missionaries. Here at the base, we all live by faith and depend on Jesus entirely, even in our finances. Through this lifestyle of radical dependency on Christ, we have witnessed God’s miraculous provision every month not only for our base expenses but as individual missionaries. We believe God will continue providing what we need as we put our trust in Him.

We are excited for all that Holy Spirit will do in this next year, especially for our 6th Mission School. We know that yet again God will manifest in this place and release the students into their God given destinies throughout Brazil and all over the world. This is an invitation to everyone who wants to be trained on the field, come and be apart of this school. Come live, learn with and love the poor!

Finally, we at the Fortaleza base want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!