Iris Dondo, Sofala Province, Central Mozambique
Our 3-acre base packs in 5 homes for missionary families, plus more rooms for singles. We also have dorms for visiting team, and pastors during seminars and schools. Our team is currently comprised of 13 missionaries and 17 Mozambican staff.

Ministries We Provide

Bible Listening Groups
Recognizing that many people are illiterate and often cannot read, especially the older population, we have initiated a Bible listening program. We train church leaders to set up listening groups and provide audio Bibles, ensuring everyone can consistently hear the Word in their dialect.

Church Visits
On Sundays, we visit local churches to deliver timely messages that provoke the church to greater intimacy and commitment to Jesus.

Young adults meet every Tuesday and Friday at our center to build community, read the Word, and strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

Evangelism is a core focus at Iris Dondo. We train locals to preach the gospel through our Evangelism School, and from there, they return to their churches and teach others. Additionally, we engage in door-to-door evangelism, visiting homes, praying for the sick, and sharing the Gospel.

Gospel Campaigns
We also conduct large-scale Gospel Campaigns in cities throughout the central region of Mozambique, modeled after the efforts of the late Reinhard Bonnke, founder of Christ for all Nations (CfaN). These campaigns draw thousands to hear the Gospel, resulting in healings, deliverance, and profound transformations.

Hospital Ministry
Our team visits the hospital weekly, bringing food and encouragement to those in need. We often witness healings and salvations during these visits.

Inner Healing and Deliverance
Through seminars, we teach a true understanding of Isaiah 53:5, helping individuals find inner healing and deliverance.

Jesus Films
We bring the Jesus film to rural communities, gathering crowds of several hundred. After the film, we offer opportunities for people to make decisions for Christ and receive prayer for healing.

Mercy Ministries
This ministry serves widowed and disabled individuals, providing essential support to over 85 people on our list. They receive products and finances, house repairs, medical support, and discipleship, ensuring their holistic well-being. We also provide school uniforms for children living with our mercy ministries program members.

Our preschool provides free education to children ages 4-5, with a faith-based curriculum. Our teachers also visit children who have been absent to encourage their return to school.

Printed Materials
Iris Dondo has written and printed numerous books on topics such as leadership, biblical marriage, foundations, evangelism, and discipleship. These materials are distributed to churches throughout the central region.

Prison Ministry
Our team visits the local prison each week to bring the Gospel and encouragement to those incarcerated.

We conduct seminars on foundational topics to strengthen and encourage church leaders and members. Topics include Bible foundations, leadership, marriage, and finance.

Our Impact & Reach

Iris Dondo is dedicated to witnessing and facilitating profound transformations through our various ministries. Our efforts have resulted in significant spiritual growth, personal transformation, and community strengthening. By addressing the spiritual, emotional, and practical needs of those we serve, we aim to foster a supportive and faith-filled community. Based in Dondo, our ministry extends to a broader network, impacting various communities through our unwavering commitment to the Gospel and the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

We hope this overview captures the essence of Iris Dondo and the work we do. If you would like to know more about us or how to partner with us, please email