the Holy Spirit loves to come our village feeding program….

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

over the last few months it’s been so exciting to see how the Holy Spirit is moving during our village feeding program in Mahajanga, Madagascar.

one week I just sensed the Holy Spirit share that many of the children were having bad nightmares and so I asked the children if this was true and so many of the children put up their arms to say yes.

so I invited the children to the front and everyone in the room stretched out their hands towards them and commanded the nightmares to stop in the Name of Jesus and that these children would now have peaceful nights of rest.

the next week we had a testimony time and so many of the children said that from the day that we prayed the nightmares completely stopped. thank you Jesus.

so many of the children have experienced Jesus physically healing them and one girl called Rushina said that she she heard Jesus tell her ‘I love you my child’

I love to watch the children encountering the Lord during the worship times and love that they not only go back to their families with lovely full tummies but also having encountered the living God in life changing ways.