“The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.” – Isaiah 61:1


Our mission is to manifest the power of the love of God to transform local communities, healing the broken hearted and extending the kingdom of God. Our vision is to make strong disciples of Jesus in Rwanda, East Africa, and beyond; and to train these to carry out further disciple making ministry worldwide.

About Kigali-Ndahei

Our ministry in Rwanda started in 2010, when God gave us a vision for people who have been affected by poverty and devastation, leaving them vulnerable, broken-hearted and hopeless. Our goal is to reach those who have been broken and forgotten, leading them to find freedom in Christ. Our team is serving the communities in Rwanda through discipleship where they will grow to be empowered, healthy families, able to impact others with the healing power of Jesus for generations to come.
1. NDAHEI Theology & Discipleship School: Our Biblical discipleship trains and equips 100+ local pastors from Rwanda as well as surrounding nations. (Burundi, DRC, Uganda, and South Sudan.) One of our mottos regarding discipleship of local pastors is ‘Anointing minus training equals confusion.” Our goal is to have our pastors not just surviving, but thriving, living out of overflow of the presence of God and fully equipped and prepared with truth.
2. NDAHEI House of Healing: Our ministry has grown to include church planting where we are teaching the Word of God and building up the Body of Christ. We are empowering all people in our community to read the Bible and understand a true and intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father for themselves. 
3. Healing & Reconciliation Center: In addition, we are hosting weekly meetings in the villages outside of Kigali where people from the community can sit and talk about some things that are separating them. Here we eat together and have time to bring these topics into the light to bring healing and reconciliation locally, and to Rwanda as a whole. 
4. Kigali Children Center: Our vision for disciple making includes children’s ministry where children can be seen, heard and grow to impact others for Jesus. This year we began Kigali Children Center with a dream of creating a place where vulnerable and overlooked children are being cared for and brought into family. This home is not an orphanage but a place of restoration and care where we provide food, temporary lodging and trauma counseling with Biblical discipleship. Through child sponsorship we provide healthcare, education and vocational training. [Sponsor a child in our Stop for The One program]

5. NDAHEI Community Farm: teaching men and women the importance of caring for animals and farming certain types of trees that protect the environment. NDAHEI Farm produces eggs, milk, and crops to feed underprivileged families within Kigali Children Center.

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A great example of what we have been able to do through NDAHEI farm this year took place on Easter Sunday! On Easter weekend we celebrated Jesus love and redemption with giving away more than 70 laying hens to our children at Kigali Children Center! It was so much fun to see their faces as they took h...


One of the more simple ways we are practicing discipleship in Rwanda involves being an example for seven men working on our NDAHEI FARM. To people in the village, our mission is simply to bring hope. Many times, when people have been living a hopeless lifestyle for far too long, they are not even aware t...



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