‘multiplication miracle’

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

last week our landlady contacted us and said ‘when are you going to be paying the rent?’

It was the first time ever that we had forgot to send the rent money on time. So we apologised and quickly got the money together.

It was counted three times here before it went to the bank where it was verified again to be the correct amount of money at the bank.

Two days later we were doing our finances and when we started to count what was left in the rent pile, expecting it to be hardly anything because we had just paid 3 full months rent in advance.

We were shocked to see that there was still a big bag full of money in the rent pile, just like all the others we had taken and used a few days before when we were paying our rent.

Jesus multiplied our rent money - by a very significant amount that is enough for a whole months rent of the big property that we use for our work here in Mahajanga, Madagascar.

We are so awestruck by this amazing miraculous provision that God has blessed us with as He multiplied the money we had, so that even when we paid our big rent bill, there was more left over than should naturally have been - even enough for one months free rent - thank you Jesus.

Jesus has done many miracles of multiplication here before - multiplications of bread for the poor, shoes for those who didn’t have shoes, toothbrushes for the poor, worm tablets for the poor who needed them and money multiplying.

Jesus Christ - the same yesterday, today and forever.