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In short, we are alumni who have gone through Harvest School in Pemba, Mozambique. We loved it so much we went back to staff and help lead. In the two years we served at Harvest School, our love for alumni and staff was a huge factor in continuing to move forward. We’ve been so inspired and moved by this community that we felt the Lord leading us to buy a house and bring this culture back to America.

In 2015, the Lord made a way for us to purchase a home in an area of St.Louis that desperately needs Jesus. Through this, the House of Freedom and Freedom Rising Global was established and IRIS St.Louis was born.

We are a base of pioneers and are in full fledged plow mode! On top of our endless ministry opportunities, we still have a burning in our hearts to bring alumni together. We have hosted over 30 alumni since last year and have had two former Harvest School Alumni live with us. While with us, alumni were able to continue their education and also continue to learn what “love looks like” in a practical way.

We love visitors! Contact us if you are interested in stopping through!!

Kurt & Brooke Wilson

Base Leaders of IRIS St. Louis