My life will forever be changed

Written by Heather Bohler

Zimpeto children center was established in 1998 and over the 19 years many long-term missionaries have come and gone, and thousands of visitors have come each sowing into the centre contributing in some way to the center legacy. ‘The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field’” (Matthew 13:24). We are so thankful for all the people who have come before us, for all the people who have sowed good seed in the field that we, and several hundred children call or have called home. With time these seeds have grown fruit, our basket is fill with various testimonies like the one below, people whose life was forever changed by God through the works and ministry of Iris.

“I arrived at the base (Zimpeto children center) in the year 2001 with my younger sister and my older brother. At that time, I was 12 years old and had never been to school, couldn't read or write, not even my own name. Starting in second grade, with the love and support of wonderful teachers, I learnt how to read and write, and worked my way through school, going from strength to strength. Thanks to Iris, who helped me get through school and paying my tuition fees at the University I am proud to say that In June this year i graduated from the University, as financial and banking Manager.

Even though I went to church with my mom before arriving at the centre, I didn’t know Jesus, or rather, I've never received Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of my life. Two years after my arrival In 2003 I took the most important decision of my life, accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life, and I was baptized in the same year during a conference. Through regular attendance at church and various programs at the center, and various people speaking into my life I gradually grew in my relationship with my Savior. One of the verses of the Bible that I love and that has sustained my faith and my walk with God is: Psalms 23:1-2, "the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not fear nothing", because the Almighty God has guided my life in all these years. In 2010, the Lord gave me the opportunity to join the praise and worship team through an invitation by the worship leader of the time, 7 years later I am now the current leader of praise and worship.

Now I live outside the Ministry, in a nearby house with my mother that the ministry bought for us. My life will forever be changed and never be the same. I have seen God to reveal himself in my life. He gave me a lot of things through Iris Ministries: Education, health, family, and more.

God through the ministry continues to change and transform lives providing education not only to the 250 children who live on the center but to another 1250 children who come in from the local community to our school. As well as attend to the health needs of people both on and off the center through various programs run by the clinic.