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Kaleo International is dedicated to taking the gospel to the most un-reached. Kaleo is a Greek word that means “calling” or “the call” it is one of the strongest words for “calling” in Biblical Greek. The Kaleo team works in multiple nations around the world but our primary focus is on seeing revival in Mexico and throughout Latin America! Our bases function as apostolic training centers where people can be equipped and sent out to launch new churches and ministries.

It is our team’s vision to expand to every state of Mexico by planting long term missionaries in each location to help teach and equip local believers in the new churches and plant new works among the un-reached. We also have a vision to launch bases in other central and south American countries. Our vision is very broad as our team is involved in more than 10 different nations. We work getting people out of sex trafficking, building churches and houses, training pastors and missionaries as well as conducting free medical clinics and community development projects, agriculture, and orphanages. We also have missionaries building schools and doing children’s ministry. We are needing missionaries from a broad range of skill sets. We need both pioneers and settlers. Pioneers with a vision for starting new works and visionaries who can take “settled” areas and build the Kingdom there! We currently have missionary openings for singles, married, and families.

Programs and Outreaches

Discipleship Classes at Drug/Alcohol Rehabs, Refugee Centers, and local Churches

Part of the great commission is to make disciples of all nations. We are not content to simply make “converts”. We desire to see people first born again and then become mature disciples of Jesus. The Lord has been so faithful and opened doors that were once shut for the gospel. We have received multiple invitations to disciple the men and women in the rehab centers and refugee centers where we work. The transformation that we have been seeing has been absolutely incredible but we need more workers in order to sustain and start new discipleship classes.

Beauty from Ashes

Human trafficking is a world wide epidemic that we cannot choose to ignore. The Mexican border in particular has numerous brothels and areas throughout the city that are dedicated to prostitution. We believe that it is our job to go into these areas and demonstrate unconditional love to both the women and the men in these environments. The women have been preached to and judged long enough. True change will only come when they come face to face with The Savior.

Matthew 5:3 Ministry

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” We choose to seek out the least of these in whatever city that we are working in whether it be in a slum area or garbage dump. We provide discipleship and attempt to meet some of their physical needs as well through food or medical clinics.

International School of Ministry (ISOM) www.isom.org

In order to help disciple as many people as possible and to help prevent false teachings, we use a video curriculum from the ISOM. We use the ISOM to start church based discipleship programs and also utilize parts of it within the refugee centers.