A Time of Preperation

Written by Haley Windon

It is my joy to write a brief update of life here at Iris Dondo. My husband Lloyd, three year old son Titus, and I sold everything and left America to follow Jesus’ leading to Mozambique eleven months ago. This year has been full of the faithfulness, provision and presence of God in our lives.

Like much of the world, this month began with the implementation of limited movement in response to COVID-19. Precautions began in late March limiting the size of church gatherings to 50 individuals or less. We divided our church service by age group, and I had the privilege to minister the Word to our more mature crowd consisting of mostly widows. I was impressed by the Lord to share a very timely dream that God had just given me days before. God made the message so significant to us, as He gave both my husband and I very similar dreams on the same night.

In my dream, I saw myself running alongside Mozambican brothers and sisters in Christ and working towards finishing a race. The race began with an obstacle course and then the second half was a foot race. During the race, there was an opportunity given to take a rest and lay down on mats, which did not penalize our competitive edge of timing or participation. While dreaming, I was perplexed at how this could be, yet knew that it was for our benefit to take advantage of the brief respite in order to continue the race in full strength. We rested as needed in the middle of the race, then proceeded to jump right back in with the refreshment necessary to continue running the race unto completion. My husband’s dream carried the same message, but was set as a series of fights, rather than a race. He too was told by the referee to take the time to rest in the middle of the fight.

As I shared my dream with our congregation, I knew God wanted to encourage us to continue to FIGHT the good fight of faith, to see ourselves as active participants in God’s plan, and to receive the understanding of rest God is offering His people in this particular season. We studied Psalm 91 together, prayed for the nations, and one of the ladies shared an empowering prophetic word regarding our responsibility to love well. The same truths still apply to us as the body of Christ now. My prayer focus for us during this unique time is that we can truly be used for God’s glory, as we draw close to Him and listen for His leading, growing in our understanding of our authority and perseverance in the midst of challenging seasons. This is a special time to truly step back and gain His perspective on our heart conditions, ministries, and taking time in preparation. For myself, the Lord has been so faithful to renew my strength as He’s given me a greater sensitivity and desire to intercede for others.

As the effects of national precautions have taken place this month, my husband and I have celebrated several answered prayers of desiring to minister during this time of global standstill. He has had the precious opportunity to minister through online meetings, teaching several groups of individuals from various closed nations that represent the underground church movement in the Middle East. It has been an absolute joy to minister to these beautiful people who have truly laid down their lives to know Jesus and live in Him. In one session he shared his testimony and then prayed and prophesied over the listeners. In another session he gave a teaching that sparked a flow of prophetic words, healings, and conviction of the Holy Spirit, which led to two people giving their lives to the Lord (one of them living in a closed nation). He also had the blessed opportunity to minister as a guest speaker to a ministry school missions and outreach class in the United States. He was able to speak into the lives of young people who are hungry for God to move in and through their lives. It was such a significant time of encouragement and strengthening for them and answered prayer for us as well.

We are truly grateful for what the Lord has been impressing upon our hearts in our lives at home, which we are believing will lead to more purified ministry to those we are called to serve and love. We pray that the Lord would reveal His direction to you as you seek Him with your whole heart, to know His rest, and to persevere in the fight of faith unto completion, giving Him all the glory He is due when our lives are finished on this earth.