Zimpeto Update

Written by Steve Lazar
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It has been a long time since Zimpeto updated its web page so here we are!!

As did most of the world our base pretty much closed down during Covid.
Our church, school, outreaches and visitors were closed down for almost 2 years.

During this time we rebuilt the girls area, the visitor area and renewed one of the dormitories.

WE thank God that during this time despite little availability of medical help no one on the base lost life or was seriously sick as a result of Covid

Since Covid we have rebuilt the church and opened it in June 2023.

When the Government re spend the country the rivers of life once again flowed in Zimpeto.

Our school of 1500 children are up and running. Bible School is flourishing. Church, outreaches, garbage dump ministry, prison visitation has been re fired.

With our new visitors area opened people once again are coming end experiencing Zimpeto life and community life.

God is faithful. Augusto Lopez our new Director of Operations is doing amazingly well on the ground. Along with his wife Clara and administrator FRancisco Mandlate there is always fresh vision and many people being loved upon and brought to Jesus.

As Psalm 113:6 and 7 say “He is lifting the poor out of the dust to sit with Kings and Princes”

Steve Lazar