I can only Imagine

Written by Tracey Williams

"I can only imagine" are words that have been resonating in my mind and thoughts these last few weeks - not because of the song of said title , nor because of visions of heaven - but because I keep saying to God , " I CANNOT Imagine ...".
Towards the end of March our team received a phone call from the police. Could we come and take into urgent care a young child, a twin (Under 4) as they were taking the father into custody.
Our team drove to the police location, collected the child and discovered that their twin was being admitted to hospital, badly beaten and in need of a blood transfusion.
"I CANNOT Imagine.."
How does a father lash out at a toddler? What fear and physical pain and trauma is seeded in those moments? All I could do was lay my head on my arms and weep.
Fast forward 5 days and we are finally able to visit the child in hospital.
M is alone. There has been no one sat at her bedside these last days as we were told. The hospital did not have the prescribed antibiotics and pain meds to give her. She had not been fed proper meals as the hospital had no means or finances to provide food for patients.
I turned my eyes to the broken pane of glass that stood for a window, looked heavenwards and the tears rolled again.
I CANNOT Imagine ... but I pray.
The hospital decides to release M to our care (unexpectedly) - my heart leaps.
Fast forward a month.
M is gaining weight. Her physical wounds are healing . She is smiling and talking and playing.
Now I CAN start to imagine and believe. For her healing and wholeness.
When God's word declares that HE has good plans for her future, for there to be no more harm ... I start to imagine.
Pain traded for peace, rejection for acceptance, hurt and hate for love.
This time I weep tears of happiness. Tears that say thank you for allowing me to be part of Ms journey..
Dare to "Imagine" for the M whose journey you may be sharing in.