Turning the Tables!

Written by Comella

On Mother’s Day, we were so blown away by the Beautiful honor and love our children showed us Mamas! It was a special day indeed; some of our older girls had stayed home from church, claiming to be too tired to go to church! ;) It was during church, 2 of us missionaries got notice that we needed to have an emergency family meeting and EVERYONE needed to come straight home after church.

It was this kind of emergency that called us home:
The table was set with beautiful flowers around each of the plated dishes of an incredibly delicious meal to honor and feed each one of us on this special day!! A meal made by our children’s hands and served with LOVE! There was a vase with freshly picked flowers and a Happy Mother’s Day sign posted on the wall and on the table was a card with personal written notes to each of us!

It is this kind of moment, when you realize that Jesus is at work in such a mighty way and that we have the incredible privilege to be apart of something so powerful and life changing; that the children would initiate turning the tables and pouring into those of us who have laid down our lives to serve Jesus and raise the future leaders and world changers of South Africa and the Nations!!