New beginning of Jabulile Preschool.

Written by Iris White River Base

Good News from our base !
Jabulile Preschool has finally reopened after years of standing empty due to covid, vandalism and burglaries. Through a local passionate staff and other friends, it has now become a shining joy bubble, reflecting the light and love of Jesus in the community. Iris missionaries and locals work together, seeing this as a project on the heart of God for local children who are at risk. not least due to poverty.
The aim of the new Jabulile is to prepare children ages three to five to excel as young leaders of tomorrow by providing an excellent academic curriculum with stellar teaching in a loving setting, while sharing the Gospel message of Jesus with these, our local children and their families. Indeed, the preschool offers a Christ-based approach in all aspects of education, to equip each child academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially for a successful outcome in future school endeavors and beyond. It is a place where the children are loved for who they are, and where they can meet and know God and His love for them; a place where children experience the goodness of God, expect miracles, and become disciples of Jesus Christ.
This type of school is a first such venture in this community, and we expect and pray it will have deep community Kingdom ramifications over the years ahead.
May God bless you even more !