Loving people on the streets of Nelspruit.

Written by Iris White River Base

Every Tuesday we go into a targeted urban street in the city of Nelspruit to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ, hope and love to people that live on the streets, and are stuck in drugs and/or the sex industry. We bring nourishment for body and soul, and worship in the middle of the intense chaos, the drug deals, the syringes, the poverty and those stuck in sex trafficking, witchcraft and dirty money. The darkness has had deep roots in that place for a long time, but week after week, we see the Light of Jesus taking territory, touching lives and hearts. His Love shines in the deepest darkness. He came to rescue the lost. Jesus is not afraid of death, sin, messes, and so neither are we, His on-fire partners in this ministry. Many people are responding to the gospel, coming for prayer, asking to be set free, receiving Jesus, asking for Bibles. Every week we hear testimonies. We are beginning to see revival.
As a team, we have a dream to open a safe house where people newly freed from drugs can be taken care of, receive inner healing and have skills training. But first they must go through a detox and rehab program, one at a time, as resources are made available. We also have a dream to establish a worship and prayer room right there by the brothels and the drug dealings.
We would love to see people of the streets living in dignity and purity, glorifying the King. Please pray towards this. Without Him it is impossible. We need His intervention and strategies. Let us believe and declare that God will make a way for each of His children to come back home.
Be blessed even more.