Local Mamas gain Eternal fame

Written by Comella

Here at Michaels Children’s Village, we are quite filled to the brim at the moment with our family's goings on and needs; many of our older girls have activities to attend that require transport, additional tutoring, and emotional support that requires much patience and love. We are a small team of volunteers and yet, somehow, there always seems to be enough!! Don’t get me wrong, the to do list continues to be long, as it goes beyond children’s needs. There are things to be fixed, parts to buy, emails to return, paperwork with deadlines and the list goes on. There are surely days that you go to sleep very exhausted, not even remembering what you had done- yet we press on.

In our family homes, currently all three of our mamas have at least 8 children in their house (all have at least one toddler, one of them has 2, one has 4 babes/toddlers!!!!). About two weeks ago, we got a call that there were two children, a 6 year old and a 1+ year old child that would both end up on the streets as there was nowhere for them to go; both emergency cases. Our mamas heard this, prayed and without hesitation said, YES!!!

Like I said, with natural eyes, we are very FULL and the needs of our children and small base can at times seem endless. Yet in this upside-down backwards Kingdom, the Jesus from within our mamas said, YES!! Only Jesus can give us His eternal perspective and eyes to view circumstances and situations! And with complete trust that if Jesus said YES to them, then He will ensure that we have enough GRACE, LOVE, ENERGY, JOY… for each of our children. As I got the news from our mamas, I was moved to tears. If I am really honest at that moment, I would not have come up with the same answer they did. I am reminded yet again, I get to work with heroes and I get to call them Family. They may never be famous here on earth nor may their names ever leave South Africa or even our province of Mpumalanga for that matter. However, in eternity, in the only place where fame is forever, these mamas are famous and their stories are being recorded in the book of life! Their eternal rewards will be rich then. But for now, they give tireless hours, waking very early, changing diapers, cooking, soothing crying babies, tending to siblings arguing or waking at night to care for a sick child! They are looking after our children, the ones that will become world changers. They will be leaders in the next generation and forever change South Africa and the world!!