From Lockdown to Liberty

Written by Comella

We have the pleasure of going to the local public hospital and praying on a weekly basis, we have seen the Lord move in mighty ways and are contending for the MORE at this hospital!

We are starting to see the MORE in creative ways. We often go and pray in a ward that has mentally ill patients, we see that they have been tormented by the enemy and we are pressing in for complete Freedom!

As we came to that particular ward, it was clear that things were not going well as the ward was under lock and key with a closed gate during visiting hours!!! This is not the norm at ALL for this ward in the 2 ½ years that I have been going there, I hadn’t seen this! I asked the nurse what was going on? She sighed and said, “Ahhh, these patients, they are giving us so much trouble, they are trying to escape.” I asked if it would still be okay for us to come and pray sharing that we would like to bring the hope of Jesus and freedom, she agreed and unlocked the gate so that we could enter! As we entered, we felt to do something different this time as the heaviness in the atmosphere was tangible!

We began to pray in the ward declaring as God promised to Joshua that wherever our feet touched, He would give the land to us! We continued to pray while anointing each door with oil claiming the land, the rooms and every person that enters this ward for Jesus! Something profound shifted in the atmosphere as we did this, several ladies began to get up from their beds and come out of their rooms into the hallway asking for prayer! We began praying for each lady one by one, there were at least 6 ladies who joined. The ladies began singing and worshiping Jesus as we prayed! It was a moment straight out of Isaiah 61 where His presence entered into the atmosphere and began setting the captives free, the oil of JOY came forth as we lifted our voices and garments of praise to Him in the very place where captivity in the natural was real, yet He came and began to remove the heaviness and remind us that He is our FREEDOM! You could see the countenance in the ladies faces and eyes shift as lightness, liberty and joy overwhelmed them.

And to top it off, the Joy, excitement and passion continued to increase as the volume of the ladies’ worship got louder. Finally, the nurses came out and asked us to be quiet as we were disrupting them! We giggled inside as we knew the Lord was so present and that this was a Holy and special moment, however we apologized to the nurses and quieted down!