Carolyn Figlioli

Base Director

Carolyn Figlioli has been in South Sudan for eight years. She is the country director for Iris South Sudan and now Uganda and also heads the Children’s Village in Uganda where the main base is now located. Currently there is one other missionary in country with her, Helga Preece. If you are hearing the call to come and join in with what God is doing here, feel free to answer it and log on to the Iris South Sudan website to touch base with her at

Helga Preece

Helga Preece came to us from Florida via Harvest School in 2015 and has been instrumental in getting this place organized. She takes care of all the children’s hospitality needs from shelving in rooms to clothes issue to uniform repair and so much more. She is fiercely protective of all of us and gets up every morning while it is still dark and prays for us in the quiet of the night just before dawn. She is a true warrior and has a fierce heart of love for our children. She is also on our medical team for our small clinic for our children and sometimes local women who have emergencies. When I think of Helga I think of a mama lion standing over her cubs.

John Sebit

John Sebit is our Regional Manager and has become a trusted friend and leader, a papa to the work. He is a fearless evangelist and during the war years risked his life to bring the Gospel to the frontlines. He regularly sees many signs and wonders. His faith and sense of humor is a gift to us all. He walks with the love and authority of heaven behind him.

Betty Karaba Edward

Betty Karaba Edward came to work with us in 2008 with her late husband Patrick Jalan, who was our first national director. She oversees our finance department having extensive experience with other NGOs. She also disciples our mamas and her sweet disposition is a joy to us.

Tito Samuel

Tito Samuel is a never failing source of practical insight and wisdom. He oversees the practical running of our Yei Headquarters and is a pure joy to be around. He epitomizes a gentle wisdom, kindness and love as he helps the children grow and is a papa to them. He loves to laugh and has a beautiful family of his own. His hospitality is incredible. Tito is a gift to Iris and we thank Jesus for Him.

Pastor John Light

Pastor John Light has been with us since the beginning and has now gone on to glory to be with Jesus. I want to honor him by leaving his name here as part of our forever team, cheering us on from the bannister of heaven. He had a strong prophetic gift and often received amazing direction from Jesus in dreams and visions. Healings and the miraculous followed him where ever he went. His joy and faith were an encouragement to us all. He persevered in very difficult ground and saw amazing fruit. His wife Sarah and their children Rebekah and Issac make up their family. Just last year this family released their little boy Isaac into the arms of Jesus after a serious bout of malaria and no medicine while on the run during the latest civil war in South Sudan in July 2016.

Pastor Idi

Pastor Idi has a compassionate heart and serves as our Country Manager for Iris Uganda. He has a very large church in our town of Yei and we collaborate with his church on many outreaches. Idi is probably one of the most humble men I know and we spend many hours going house to house to sit and visit with our community in a gentle yet powerful way in bringing the gospel to individual homes.

Pastor James Makak

Pastor James Makak is our amazing evangelist, church planting pastor in Aweil. He is originally from Darfur and has such a passion to go, go, go and preach the gospel. He is our missions man, always asking if he can go here and there and everywhere. How can I deny this fire and passion. I cannot. He currently has two churches in Aweil and collators with his wife and their five children. He is a man on fire!