Blessings from Sierra Leone

Written by Andrew Sesay

Below is an update from our base in Sierra Leone to go with our photos above.
Photo 1: It’s with a great heart, I present to you my two wonderful daughters. The older one, she is called Heidi. We named her after Heidi Baker. The youngest is named Ann-Lise. They are now part of the worship team, they love to worship.
Photo 2: God is so good, one day I was painting and all of a sudden a wonderful butterfly showed up. I heard the Lord say, “Andrew you are not alone.” It brought me great courage and the butterfly stayed until I finished my painting.
Photo 3: Outreach - This is the Sesay Family, not my Sesay family but another Sesay. I was praying for the brother who's father was a pastor. I felt in my spirit that he was to take after the pastor, who passed away long long time ago. He will now be leading one of our churches after going through some training.
Photo 4: These guys are in one of the villages close to our base. They need well, so we are believing God, with them. They are willing to be trained and to be leaders of their communities.
Please be praying with us as we will be moving to our new base. A lot still needs to be done and we still need missionary guest- rooms. God is so good though and He is faithful.
Thank you for standing with us in prayer.
Blessings and love,