Stargazing in Savannah

Written by Regina Jones

From our base to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We leave the year in wander of Jesus. We are reminded that God can most assuredly be seen, even as we stop for the one.

Here is a little overflow from our hearts as we continue to Gaze on His beauty.

Oh hail hail Jesus
Carried by Mary
Lamb slain
Foundations laid
Favor was planned
Before the fall

See, love has eyes
That span eternity
Omnipotence meets omnipresence,
Love so vast
It enveloped all

Not one left undone
By the sacrifice of the son

He cried, he cooed
He laughed, he loved
He would preach, teach & heal
All to reveal... the Father-of-lights
Dispelling darkness with abundant life.
It came upon a midnight clear
That starry night
When heaven came here

A star
Simply a star from afar
A message of sorts
Not ready to abort the light
But release it in fullness bright
The express image
Of the realm of eternity
The endless love for you and me

A baby
But not just a baby see
The embodiment of Heaven


Another realm ... raptured
Captured in skin
The tangible existence
Of what already existed before time
Before rhythm and rhyme
He was the Lamb slain

Before any foundation
Examination of this world
He is and was and is to come
Again and again

From Glory to Glory
Releasing His-Story
The revelation and manifestation
Of Jesus.

And so we are,
And always will be
Stargazing wanders
His glory to see