Spilled out and gathered unto himself

Written by Susan Salles

2 Samuel 14:14
After all, even though we all die, and we're all like water being spilled on the ground that cannot be recovered, nevertheless God doesn't take away life, but carries out his plans so as not to cast away permanently from him those who are presently estranged......

Even when you feel like your life has been spilled out like water, that cannot be recovered, drawn back, put back into place, put back into the bottle, God is devising a way, he is orchestrating a plan to gather you back into him, not to leave you disenfranchised, fragmented, scattered poured out, but to restore you, gather you up into himself.... he is THE GOD who THROWS HIMSELF on top of you and BRINGS YOU BACK INTO HIMSELF FULLY (Luke 15:20).

I know you feel like life is slipping through your fingers, without a pathway, separated from the current, leaking out in every direction, BUT GOD is devising a way, he is working out His plan where you are gathered back into him and sown back into the river that MAKES GLAD, it’s happening in a way that you cannot imagine, ask understand or think, but he is already doing it.

Get onboard with what He is already doing. Put your trust daily, diligently, proactively, violently in his faithfulness. Declare it over your heart, decide it in your spirit, and proclaim to God that you are making a withdrawal on his Word and expect him in His love, kindness and goodness and out of your growing intimacy with Him to make good on his promises and back up your faith in Him with his faithfulness to his Word.

By Susan Salles

May you be encouraged in your daily walking, talking and beholding of Jesus. As Jason and Marcus are ministering in Pemba now, we are ever in awe of such a great big God we serve. He's as close as the words on your lips! He's as expansive as the heavens. YOU are ever on his heart and his mind is full of you. Go in this stead to spread the glorious gospel.

Much love,
Your Godbreed & Iris Savannah Family