THE GODBREED Our mandate is to contend for the culture of The Godbreed to be released in the earth by the revelation and manifestation of Jesus Christ who is the Spirit of Prophecy and to see people realize a lifestyle of consecration, worship, and radical devotion. Our gatherings are to equip this Godbreed to release, as the Sons and Daughters of God, the sounds, colors, movements and vibrations that will be a part of a renaissance of the life and beauty of God as the kingdom of heaven collides with earth in a people being revealed as one with their Creator. The atmosphere will be pregnant with encounter as we contend for awakening, rebirth, and revival, so come with your heart postured and participate in a time of intense worship, training, and teaching of the Word. JASON & REGINA JONES Jason Lee Jones and his wife Regina are radical lovers of Jesus who are ruined for anything less than to passionately pursue the pleasures and longings of God’s heart
For over twenty years, they have had the privilege of ministering together, through both Worship and the Word. They are the founders of Richest of Fare Global and The Godbreed Iris Savannah, and have given their lives to serve the King and his kingdom, traveling nationally and internationally full-time, as Worship Leaders, Conference Speakers, and Missionaries. FOUR PILLARS Jesus is the perfect will of God released in the earth. His being is the undistorted reflection of the Father’s beauty and the undefiled example of what it looks like to walk with the Creator in uninhibited fellowship. The life of Christ was always, and will eternally be rooted, grounded, and overflowing in every fruit of the Spirit and in the increase of the love of God. In His earthly life, Jesus was intimate with the Father, out of which He received and understood His identity. Out of confidence in His identity, He yielded to his Father’s way of holiness and became like Him in every way through perfect obedience. In the beauty of holiness, He did the work of justice, becoming in His death and resurrection the perfect wisdom of God demonstrating the perfect justice of God— setting the captives free by His Father’s compassionate lovingkindness and mercy, and restoring the lost sons and daughters to their Father’s house. Following Christ’s example both in the flesh, in the Spirit and forever in eternal life, we have established and grow our hearts and our community on these four pillars: 1 | INTIMACY
We were created for intimacy with the Divine. The very first commandment, according to both the Old Testament Law and the New Covenant is that we love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength… 2 | IDENTITY
It is only out of true God-given identity, born in the place of intimacy, that our lives can pour forth in worship as a pleasing aroma to the Lord.The scriptures say creation groans, waiting in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed… 3 | HOLINESS
After Jesus stood between heaven and earth and was publicly and unapologetically declared the “Son in whom all the fullness of God’s pleasure resides,” He was driven into the wilderness to be tested, to be anchored in His identity and to prove the purity and power of a life set firmly in the Way of righteousness… 4 | JUSTICE
Jesus is the justice of heaven, His fleshly body a sign and a wonder of the curious kindness of God, His life and death the marriage of His father’s perfect judgment with His untamable mercy. In the flesh of Christ, both God’s wrath and His compassion were completely satisfied…