The Beauty of His Family

Written by Johan & Marié Fourie

What a blessing to welcome students and staff members from 10 different countries to our 11th Father's House School!

On Father's Day we visited one of our local churches and the pastor shared about family. Family is not only our physical family, that we often esteem very highly, but also our spiritual family that will spend eternity with us. How much time do we spend in fostering our spiritual family, of encouraging and helping each other to grow in Him and to persevere, or just have fun and joyous times together?

At the Father's House, family is important - becoming His family and celebrating the beauty and diversity of each member, experiencing healing and helping each other to grow in intimacy with Him and with each other...

The warm hearts and love shared while ministering to each other after the students and staff shared their testimonies, helps to dispel the cold and day by day we witness our Papa healing hearts, forming deep connections and family and empowering His loved ones to step out with great faith and boldness.

Often first thing in the mornings, before any teaching, we dig deep into the depths and riches of His Word and feast of the table He has prepared for us, learning from each other and breaking Bread together... During the afternoons it is time to share and put into practice what everyone have received, and the people from Robertson are impacted by the prayers for healing and encouragement, words of wisdom during treasure hunts and village immersion, and spreading His hope and joy...