Blind Eyes Open

Written by Jen Jewett

I want to share a recent testimony of Grandma Hup.
In March we had a team visiting from BSSM Redding, and we spent a weekend in the province doing some ministry there. Part of that ministry time involved going to different houses in the village to pray for people who are sick, telling them about Jesus and inviting them to the programs we have going on while we're there.
We arrived at one of the houses our local guide was bringing us to and we went upstairs to pray for this beautiful 82 year old grandma who couldn't see or walk anymore. As we were chatting with her she told us she could only see blackness and dark shadows. After spending some time just getting to know her, and enjoying her very sweet company we shared some stories from the Bible about Jesus healing the blind, explained about who Jesus is, and then asked if it was ok if we prayed for her, which she was very happy for us to do.
So we spent some time praying and then I paused to ask if she noticed any difference. She lifted her head up and was squinting, then looked right at me, grabbed my hand and said "I can see that you have white skin!" Then she looked over at the door and shaded her eyes and said how the light was hurting her eyes it was so bright. As we were talking to her about it I saw the whiteness of her cataracts change to light blue, then the brown started to come back until there was just a light blue ring left around the edge of her eyes. It was incredible!
One of the girls who was with us asked if she wanted to pray along with us too, and Grandma Hup accepted Jesus! We were able to bring her an audio Bible to listen to. We were also able to pray with her daughter who helps take care of her. I could have spent all day with this grandma, she was so sweet! These are the sweetest moments that make life out here so worth it.